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FM Bass Patch Programming - YouTube
Wish there were more synthesis/sound design tutorials like this. Very thoroughly explains every single choice he makes.
synthesis  fm  production  sounddesign 
18 days ago by meeb
John Chowning Interview : Elektronauts
"Let’s say the computers I was working with had been powerful enough for me to do my experiments in real time. I’m not at all sure that I would have made the discovery! Because the condition under which I was working, on a time-share machine, a few seconds of sound might take me nearly two hours. So the time it took, perhaps specifically the time between experiments, I had to think. These were discrete times: I would generate a sample of a sound that was 20 Hz, with a modulating frequency of 20 Hz and a deviation of 100 Hz. Then I would wait. Then I would listen. Then I would increase to another. If I’d had continuous control, I think I probably would have missed it. I could have let the carrier sweep through frequencies that were way too high, and I would have missed the points where they converged to harmonic spectra. That being the case, the fact that I had to sit and wait and think, and listen, and then think about what I heard, “what will be the next step?” greatly enhanced my ability in realizing the discovery." John Chowning on how not having realtime feedback was an asset, rather than a problem.
fm  music  synthesizer  johnchowning 
19 days ago by infovore
Talk: John Chowning
In depth interview with the inventor of FM Synthesis.
fm  production  synth  music 
25 days ago by jasonsutter
Copying files from host to Docker container - Stack Overflow
I want to create a script that runs from the host machine and creates a new container using the ubuntu:base docker image and then copies files into that container. How can I copy files from the host to the container? The cp command can be used for that. For example: via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  fm 
8 weeks ago by jolilius

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