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FCC Proposes Rules to Streamline FM Translator Interference Complaints | May 2018
via Dale hatfield; his commentary:

Based upon my very quick read it:

1. Appears to have been written by the media bureau with out any help from OET (or even EB)
2. Does not address the statistics of propagation – i.e., uncertainties in the calculation of coverage contours
3. Shows little appreciation of the important role of receivers when dealing with adjacent channels
4. Relatedly, does not indicate any knowledge of RIIA
5. The above was probably exacerbated by the fact that there is no indication that more sophisticated techniques were proposed after the original petition
FCC  FM  interference 
26 days ago by pierredv
Primary Care–Based Buprenorphine Taper vs Maintenance Therapy for Prescription Opioid Dependence
Tapering is less efficacious than ongoing maintenance treatment in patients with prescription opioid dependence who receive buprenorphine therapy in primary care.
Rct  Opioids  FM 
5 weeks ago by bigavz

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