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REDEF ORIGINAL: Why HBO Needs to Grow (The Future of HBO, Pt. I)
HBO is one of the most successful media brands in history. But like all businesses, it will still need to change and grow if it wants to remain king. Over-the-top distribution means far more than just changing screens.
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5 weeks ago by inspiral
RK Transportation | Technology. Driven.
A not entirely insane idea of using a very small electric motor as a replacement for crankshaft flywheels in piston engines. The idea being instead of using rotor inertia in a conventional flywheel for smoothing, use a small electric motor that bursts torque when the piston is at top or bottom dead center to smooth out the output torque. This is not a full (parallel?) hybrid implementation, more like some might call a mild hybrid.
ICE  engine  crankshaft  flywheel  torque  smoothng  electric  motor  rotor  hybrid  automotive  technology  research 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
V-212-1C6 Omron Electronics | Mouser Australia
Omron V-212-1C6 SPDT

"V21 is Omron's 21A microswitch. Omron has good QA, so the V21 should meet its data sheet reliably (or surpass it, for our use). There are also a number of cheaper 21A clones that fill the same role, but may not have the same level of quality control, so for high amperage builds that use Fangs 132 and Revamps, Neo Rhinos, or Neo Hellcats (though those really are pushing into Relay/MOSFET territory at 80A stall for two), genuine switches are recommended."
omron  micro  switch  microswitch  nerf  flywheel  v21  21a  genuine  quality 
may 2018 by 44sunsets
Transactions of the Symposium on Space Nuclear Power Systems, (5th) Held at Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 11, 1988. | National Technical Reports Library - NTIS
The PDF contains info on wheelguns, giant counterrotating flywheel hoops in space to supply power to SDI weapons, mainly railguns/particle accelerator cannons/free electron lasers that need huge amounts of power right now. Appears to expect to be trickle charged over time by a small space nuclear reactor (SNAP? atomic teakettle?). Also has an interesting microwave power beaming scenario from a nuke in mars synchronous orbit to a ground rover, high performance radiators, including a fabric heatpipe radiator, a curie point magnetic liquid droplet radiator, and other power conversion concepts.
SDI  wheelgun  space  counterrotating  flywheel  hoop  energy  storage  power  generator  FEL  free  electron  laser  railgun  neutraal  particle  accelerator  cannon  military  WPT  microwave  transmission  mars  MSO  rectenna  rotating  loop  pulsed  fabric  radiator  heat  thermal  management 
march 2018 by asteroza

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