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More (feat. Anderson .Paak) – Flying Lotus
video directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, cw for psychedelic body horror and funky awesomeness
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9 weeks ago by mikelynch
Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar
Flying Lotus, 'Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar', a film by Hiro Murai.
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october 2014 by brendanmcfadden
Flying Lotus-Mix "Lovers Melt 3" - New Urban Music Blog
Flying Lotus-Mix "Lovers Melt 3":

Another mix for your summer /
some things you know /
some things ...
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july 2012 by claudia
Flying Lotus | ‘Cosmogramma Fieldlines’ – Free Augmented Reality App
"Cosmogramma Fieldlines is a free augmented reality application to celebrate the imminent release of the new Flying Lotus album ‘Cosmogramma’. It can be controlled with your webcam or mouse"
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january 2011 by trailofmonkeys
Warp / Records / Flying Lotus / New EP Pattern+Grid World - out 20/21 September 2010
Drenched in alternating melodies, it's a synthetic counterpart to the grand string and harp arrangements of Cosmogramma, making acclaimed illustrator Theo Ellsworth's subtly psychedelic cover image of vision-through-noise all the more intimate.
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august 2010 by wrrn
RA: Flying Lotus: Cosmic drama - Interview
And of course the pool of talent expands exponentially as technology spreads, so the kids you mention could be from Angola or Chile as easily as from Los Angeles or London. Yeah man, it's crazy. It's crazy. But with all that said we have to make this shit way crazier. With as much access as we have to all this stuff, to our musical history, our world history, we definitely can be killing shit way crazier, I feel—there's way more room to grow, we're just getting started, I feel. I feel we're in a time now where people can handle anything, whatever you can throw at them as long as there's something they recognise that they can hold on to, so why not just go at it, really fucking go there? Why not just have all these things from our past as well as all of the newest technology from today in one, and just really come up with the craziest shit we can? Let's just bring people into our imaginations as best as we can—we have the technology!
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april 2010 by ristretto

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