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it's just breakfast
Maya wasn’t exactly sure how the whole… Shawn actually being around and her full-time guardian… thing would work on a daily basis. Like today, a Monday, the start of the first week she had slept in her own room in this apartment above Riley’s, when she was wide awake two hours before they usually left for school. 
GirlMeetsWorld  Cory/Shawn/Topanga  03-10  Polyamory  Fluff  EstablishedRelationship  FiveTimes  Family  Author:screamlet 
yesterday by LilyC
The Librarian and the Dad
It started out as a little crush. Then it became so much more.
Aaron/Spencer  M/M  NC17  CriminalMinds  AlternateUniverse  Fluff  Romance 
yesterday by Logical-Nonsense
A Warmer Day by ohhotlamb
Meruem is nineteen years into his second lifetime when a blind girl makes her way through town. He sees her walking down the street, her cane tap-tap-tapping the way in front of her, and immediately, he knows.
fanfic  hunterxhunter  Meruem/Komugi  het  fluff  ao3  words:<5.000 
2 days ago by hatinjacket
powder day - wrishwrosh - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A gust of wind roars through the pines. Maybe, Tyson thinks, the wind will keep blowing and he won’t be able to hear anything Gabe has to say. Maybe, the wind will blow so hard that this entire chairlift will be launched into the sun and he won’t have to talk to Gabe anymore, ever.
Fic  Read  barrie/landeskog  general  wrishwrosh  fluff  skiing_au 
3 days ago by unapologetic_thirst
In Words And Pictures - Chapter 1 - lettertoelise - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It was something Clarke had never really thought much about, the stray marks of ink or paint that would appear on her body - the ones she had no recollection of putting there - the ones that took days to fade.
She hadn’t made the connection until she woke one morning with a black eye and purple marks stretching across her torso, the words - Stop drawing on me - blaze across her forearm.

Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well.
the100  bellamy_clarke  soulmates  modernau  fluff  angst  pining 
4 days ago by bekap
fly me away to the bright side of the moon [and meet me on the other side] by aeriamamaduck
Yuuri walked towards Victor Nikiforov like a man heading to his execution.

A commemorative photo didn't sound too bad, and it was probably his last chance to get one.


Yuuri bitterly takes Victor up on his offer and ends up very surprised.
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:M  chapter  complete  canon_divergence  long_distance  fluff  angst  romance  depression  length:35k 
4 days ago by emi.caro
They're Worse than Evil Unicorns
Kurt and Jesse wanted their wedding to be nice and quiet, but they got exactly the opposite when the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest. Cue their friends and family showing the WBC exactly how that makes them feel.
Author:helloclaude  Glee  Slash  fanfic  Jesse/Kurt  Fluff  Friendship  Romance  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
5 days ago by Ambrosine8
Sounding Like An Indie Film
Rating: PG
Warnings: disturbing mental images; whiny!Greg; the inability to get any reading done; ridiculous fluff
Spoilers: None.
Summary: It all started with Greg's whining, which should have been David's first clue.
Disclaimer: Oh, pfft. As if.
Author's Notes: I was informed by several induviduals that I had to write "the origin of pookie," which relates to another fic of mine. This is complete fluff. I don't think it even really counts as, you know, content. And I apologize for that.
Author:amazonqueenkate  CSI/Miami/NY  Slash  fanfic  David/Greg  Romance  Relationship:Established  OneShot  Fluff 
5 days ago by Ambrosine8
Cobwebs in the Closet
Spencer and Shawn 'talk' in a closet while the BAU pays a visit to California. Unfortunately, they're caught in the act.
Author:the-vampire-act  Psych  CriminalMinds  Slash  fanfic  Shawn/Reid  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Length:0-1000  OneShot 
5 days ago by Ambrosine8
Make a Wish
Cloud gets suckered into cleaning out old Mr. Hojo's attic. While cleaning he discovers an old lamp — a lamp with four genies crammed inside. Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis/Zack/Cloud
Author:Tobirion  FinalFantasy  Slash  fanfic  Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis/Zack/Cloud  Fluff  Friendship  Relationship:Pre-Slash  Relationship:Established  Genie  Magic  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
5 days ago by Ambrosine8
Trust In This (Even If You're Scared Stiff)
Stiles' kid has a tendency to get into fights and possibly has bad taste in friends. Or enemies. Stiles isn't sure yet, but he's pretty sure the other kid's dad is too hot to be human.
Author:otter  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Kid!fic  Discrimination  AlternateUniverse-WerewolvesAreKnown  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
5 days ago by Ambrosine8
Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing
AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Basically this is an excuse for total fluff. And porn. And shit-talking with bonus smut. (Edited for accuracy.) Happy birthday, Victor.


Victor turned back to him, supernova smile in place once more. “I really, really like you. Promise you’ll still dance with me at the banquet if you take gold this time around.”
Yuuri stared at the man. He looked at their entwined hands—he hadn’t wanted to pull away—and their thighs, pressed together despite there being plenty of room in the backseat of the cab. That scent of Victor’s cologne—just a dab, lightly applied somewhere on his neck—swirled around him. This was too real to be a dream, too physical for him to have imagined it.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri said slowly. “But…have we talked before?”
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:E  oneshot  complete  fluff  smut  canon_divergence  cu  length:13k 
8 days ago by emi.caro
Justpiyoko - Canned Chicken Soup for the Soul
"I had an idea. But Bakugou-kun is not going to like it."

"To the point, Ashido!"

"I've thought that there is one other person, in the group that is not scheduled for training today, who I bet would be delighted to come help a friend out." Kirishima and Kaminari looked at each other without understanding, then looked at Mina again for answers. "Midoriya."


Or the story where Bakugou Katsuki catches the flu and his dear friends who love him very much persuade a very adorable Midoriya Izuku to look after him.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  sick-fic  fluff  Humor  sharing-a-bed  hurt/comfort  cute  heartwarming  words:9.500-10.000 
8 days ago by hear-the-rain
your world tomorrow
This is turning into one hell of a fairytale.

(or, the one in which Eggsy never dreamed of the Cinderella life and ends up living it anyway.)
author:divineprojectzero  fandom:Kingsman  pairing:Harry/Eggsy  oneshot  au  future!fic  angst  fluff  fairytale  oblivious!character  au:royalty 
12 days ago by yuurei
One Thousand Kisses
Dave Karofsky makes a semi-triumphant return to McKinley, Sebastian is weaselly, and everyone sings their feelings.
Author:abusing_sarcasm(Camden)  Glee  Slash  fanfic  Dave/Kurt  Fluff  Angst  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
13 days ago by Ambrosine8

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