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GOV flow kit V0.1 - Google Drawings
Someone's converted Charles's Sketch page flow toolkit into a Google Drawing one.
googledrawing  templates  toolkits  flows 
8 weeks ago by ghijklmno
Sig taught me about Barely Repeatable Processes and how work flows
"There are plenty of ad-hoc processes in any company. They might cover the unplanned issues that happen every day, or they are the company specific things that aren’t covered by the standard package. They might have no system to help at all, or are often supported by data in an Excel spreadsheet being e-mailed around a group of people. These are what Sig calls Barely Repeatable Processes (BRP). They have some rules, but they often need to adapt and change as new circumstances arise. They need information, but it’s often unstructured notes and facts captured on paper or buried in e-mails sitting in someone’s inbox on their PC, tablet or smartphone."
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may 2019 by jonerp
RT : Lacking tools for managing and in your tenant? Build your own! This highlights items having creat…
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april 2019 by jukkan
How to Loop or Chain Multiple Stringify Flows Together With Connect: Flow
“Stringify is a crazy powerful tool that lets you automate complex tasks with minimal effort, even if you don’t know any code. One of Stringify’s most powerful tools is called Connect: Flow. This ‘Thing’ lets you use one Flow to activate another, or even create a Flow that loops itself.”
stringify  flows  2019  automation 
january 2019 by handcoding
Flow Troubleshooting – Support
“Try to identify if it is the trigger or the action that is the root cause. To do this, you can create test flows for both the trigger and the action. To test a trigger, create a test flow connecting that same trigger to email or push notification. To test an action, create a test flow connecting one of our virtual buttons to that action - then press the button in the 'Things' section of our app.”
stringify  automation  testing  flows  2018 
december 2018 by handcoding
Interaction Flow Kit for Sketch — Free Download – MOBGEN - Part of Accenture Interactive – Medium
The creation of interaction flows is a big part of our process as digital product designers. After many iterations we now have a mind-bending fast way to do all of this in 💎Sketch.
sketch-app  flows  downloads  tools  interaction-design  library  user-flow 
december 2018 by stechico
Edusemiotics, the Divided Brain and Connectivism
The edusemiotics argument is that if knowledge is constructed through our ongoing interaction with signs and the world, then knowledge cannot be out there waiting to be found; education must be a process of continuous inquiry; it cannot be reduced to right or wrong answers. A priori learning objectives, measurement and assessment make no sense from this perspective [...]

Whilst edusemiotics is discussed in terms of embodied cognition, I wonder about the tension between a discipline which studies signs, which are designed ‘to emphasise the ‘freedom’ of language as far as possible from the trammels of the body and of the physical world [they describe] (p.119 The Master and his Emissary), and a holistic, embodied approach to education.

It seems to me that edusemiotics shares some of the characteristics of connectivism and some of McGilchrist’s philosophical ideas, but the differences between edusemiotics and Downes’ and McGilchrist’s work are significant enough to ultimately affect philosophical and pedagogical approaches to education, making edusemiotics, connectivism and the implications of McGilchrist’s work for education incompatible.
learning  environment_and_behavior  knowledge_building  assessment  time  flows  language  constructivism  connectivism 
september 2018 by hwhvg

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