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Highly recommended flowchart and wireframing tool. First 4 projects free.
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6 days ago by jhafner
Flowchart kit 2.0 for Sketch - Freebiesbug
Flowchart kit 2.0 is a free Sketch file released by Greg Dlubacz including hundred of cards, arrows and many other shapes provided as symbols for creating sitemaps/flow charts quickly and easily.

Simply drag & drop cards, elements, shapes, add arrows, scale their width and height, rotate them to get professional and beautiful sitemaps, wireframes or diagrams within minutes.
sketch  flowchart  free  vector  icons  symbols  user-flow  diagrams  wireframes 
7 days ago by gwippich
You feel like shit.
> This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It's designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn't require much judgment.
health  flowchart  anxiety  self-care  interactive  depression  self  care  psychology  selfcare 
8 days ago by jefftriplett
ProcessOn - Create diagrams online in real-time!
ProcessOn is an easy-used free online diagramming collaboration platform to create multiple diagrams, flowcharts,mindmaps, UML,UI sketches, etc. With an extensive diagram library and business social network to expand business.
diagram  mindmap  tool  online  flowchart 
13 days ago by reorx
knsv/mermaid: Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
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15 days ago by jppferguson
jsPlumb Toolkit - build Flowcharts, Diagrams and connectivity based applications fast
The jsPlumb Toolkit is an advanced, standards-compliant and easy to use library for building Javascript connectivity based applications, such as flowcharts, process flow diagrams, sequence diagrams, organisation charts - anything you can think of. Easily integrate with Angular, React or Vue, or just use Vanilla JS.
visualization  graph  flowchart 
27 days ago by unlimited

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