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Principle - Animated Design
they say: Principle makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces.
$129 app for Mac, for creating animated interactions and flows
webdesign  web  design  animate  animated  interaction  flow  ui  effect  app  mac  tool  animation 
yesterday by piperh
Basics of Flow | 3reef Aquarium Forums
Basics of Flow:

One of the most under-rated things to consider when setting up a marine aquarium is flow. Water movement is essential to maintaining a...
turnover  aquarium  turnover-rate  powerhead  flow 
8 days ago by muffin
Turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story.
app  design  flow  ui  ux  tools  tool  diagrams  prototyping  sketch 
9 days ago by webdevotion
Flow types for generators and coroutines – ITNEXT
Flow types for generators and coroutines
Since ECMAScript 6 introduced the yield keyword, coroutines have become more common. The best known example is probably the async/await framework for concurrency, but coroutines also form the backbone of redux-saga and have made their way into bluebird.
There seems to be little documentation on how to add Flow types to generators or coroutines. This post mitigates this by giving many different examples of typed generators. The code exampes are on Github.
proglang  Javascript  cs  generators  coroutines  flow 
14 days ago by euler

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