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Including Recommendations in User Interfaces to Enhance Motivation
Motivation is an important factor in any kind of online interaction or transaction. People need a little encouragement when they’re not really convinced they should take any action or are uncertain about what action to take next. As users perform tasks online, they need to understand what’s happening and expect you to help them move forward. This article discusses the responsibility of a user interface to provide recommendations along a user’s path of interaction.
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3 days ago by DirkSonguer
Response to WSJ's "Short-Termism is Harming the US Economy" - CECP
Response to WSJ’s “Short-Termism is Harming the US Economy” June 19, 2018 at 01:04PM https://ift.tt/2tbiF1f

In “Short-Termism is Harming the US Economy,” Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett argue that executives who target quarterly, short-term results often do so at the sacrifice of long-term strategy and results. This, in turn, harms the sustainable success of companies and the economy as a whole. We agree. As part of CECP’s Strategic Investor Initiative, a coalition of long-term oriented companies and institutional investors, the call to action is clear: It is time for short-termism to end.

There is an alternative. Rather than race to attract fickle traders, executives should instead aim to woo “patient capital” by adopting long-termism. To do so, we encourage CEOs to set strategy and regularly communicate their long-term plans for sustainable value creation. Earlier this year, nine members of SII’s Board of Advisors, led by Vanguard Chairman Bill McNabb, sent an open letter to CEOs of major companies. The letter poses seven questions every CEO should answer when presenting publicly-disclosed, investor-facing long-term plans related to three themes: growth, strategy and risk. Further to this, CECP has created a platform to operationalize the call from leading investors for long-term plans: the CEO Investor Forums. The events offer offers global CEOs and senior executives an opportunity to share a new kind of business plan with investors representing over $25 trillion in AUM, focusing on the long-term and material ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues. To date, over 20 CEOs from companies including Johnson & Johnson, Humana, BD, Medtronic, Unilever, Wells Fargo, and PG&E Corporation, have presented to nearly 700 investors. CECP invites CEOs of publicly traded companies to learn more and present at the next CEO Investor Forum in September 2018.

If executives can successfully communicate about these issues, it could shift trillions of capital to those companies that demonstrate an ability to set long-term strategy and deliver results. Every investor – and stakeholder – should have access and insight into management’s thinking about how their companies are set to survive and thrive beyond a three-month timeframe. By not doing so, companies are selling themselves short.

via CECP http://cecp.co
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5 days ago by leconeyc
gcanti/flow-react: Advanced type checking for react using Flow
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
type-safety  flowtype  flow  reactjs  static-typing  type-checking  react  javascript 
6 days ago by mAAdhaTTah
Real-time Action Recognition with Enhanced Motion Vector CNNs
Key insight for relieving this problem is that optical flow and motion vector are inherent correlated. Transferring the knowledge learned with optical flow CNN to motion vector CNN can significantly boost the performance of the latter. See https://arxiv.org/abs/1604.07669 by the same authors
coink  deep-learning  motion  vector  optical  flow  computer  vision 
6 days ago by paunit
Podio - Logiciel de gestion de projets - Citrix
Citrix Podio est l’outil de collaboration sociale dans lequel vous pouvez intégrer des applications et paramétrer des espaces de travail pour prendre en charge vos flux de travail préférés et être plus efficace ; c’est un logiciel de gestion de projet très complet.
workflow  project  manage  management  flow  work  social  collaboration  collaborate 
6 days ago by ebouchut
Tripetto - Full-fledged form kit
Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. It comes with a visual editor for creating forms, a collector for gathering response, and an SDK for developing form building blocks. Docs and more included.
forms  form  builder  survey  maker  flow 
11 days ago by michael.henry
Tripetto - Full-fledged form kit
Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. It comes with a visual editor for creating forms, a collector for gathering response, and an SDK for developing form building blocks. Docs and more included.
survey  form  builder  maker  flow 
11 days ago by reorx
Open Research: Bubbles, Thin Films and Ion Specificity
Somebody did a whole Ph.D in saltwater bubbles. Because it's a much deeper topic than people give it credit for.
saltwater  bubble  hydrodynamic  flow  surface  tension  force  interface  interfacial  rheology  coalescence  thin  film 
12 days ago by asteroza
Goethe Was A Reincarnated Chinese Monk
Neat little article referencing humanism, zen, flow, kahnemann; and the benefit of keeping notes (distributed cognition)
zen  flow  wu-wei  humanism  creativity  distributed-cognition 
13 days ago by pjohnkeane

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