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Reasons Why Families Love to Vacation in Florida
When people think of Florida, they think of Family Vacation at Disney World in Orlando or catching some sunshine on the white sandy beaches of Miami Beach or Destin, Fl.
Tourism  Florida  Miami  FloridaBeaches 
7 days ago by ilocalseo
Enjoy the Florida Beaches!
If your family is planning a vacation to Florida, make sure to visit the discover floida beaches website for tips on the best beaches, cities and things to do in Florida.
7 days ago by ilocalseo
Myths Over Miami | Miami New Times
God has fled, avenging angels hide out in the Everglades, and more “secret stories” passed down by homeless kids in Miami shelters.
miami  florida  miaminewtimes  homelessshelters  homelesskids  homelesschildren 
12 days ago by brendanmcfadden
5 Under-the-Radar Things to See in Tampa Bay
There’s no shortage of strange, offbeat things to see throughout the state of Florida and Tampa Bay plays its part. Here are 5 lesser-known attractions.
travel  florida 
14 days ago by kger

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