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If you, or your company, are looking for ways to help individuals & families affected by the recent , plea…
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15 days ago by electroponix
The Gulf could see one of the largest dead zones in history this year - CNN
What happens, Rabalais explains, is that too many dissolved molecules of nitrogen and phosphorus from runoff stimulate the growth of phytoplankton, which fall to the bottom and decompose with bacteria that use up oxygen. That leads to the creation of dead zones.
The Mississippi now has three times the amount of nitrogen that researchers saw in the 1950s, Rabalais said, and phosphorus has doubled, due to human activities. In May, nitrate loads were about 18% above the long-term average, and phosphorus loads were about 49% above the long-term average, according to scientists at the University of Michigan, who are among those monitoring the issue.

"It is all a part of how we treat our ecosystem and our consumptive nature," she said. "It's all connected to our carbon footprint and the nitrogen used in farming and used to feed animals that we don't need to eat. It is all tied together with the global economy and now tariffs and the way subsidies are given to farming."
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16 days ago by bwiese
World Flood Handbook
This comprehensive guide to urban flood risk management, from Baca Architects and The World Bank, is an operational guide to taking effective steps to managing the risks of urban flooding.
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20 days ago by dilibrary
World Disasters Report 2015 | International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies provide annual reports on world disasters. One focus of the 2015 report is the prevalence of floods.
international  geography  flooding  natural-disasters  environment  environmental-studies  climatechange 
20 days ago by dilibrary
Severe Weather 101 – Floods | NOAA
The National Severe Storms Laboratory, a federal research laboratory, provides an overview of areas vulnerable to floods.
geography  portable-homes  flooding 
20 days ago by dilibrary
Retrofitting Buildings for Flood Risk | New York City
This New York City report analyzes retrofit options for buildings in the New York City floodplain.
geography  portable-homes  flooding 
20 days ago by dilibrary
Global Flood Initiative
This initiative of the Columbia Water Center includes studies of flood-prone areas
portable-homes  geography  flooding 
21 days ago by dilibrary
Coastal Climate Resilience: Urban Waterfront Adaptive Strategies
This report by the City of New York covers strategies for new construction and retrofitting existing buildings
portable-homes  geography  flooding 
21 days ago by dilibrary
Coastal Climate Resilience: Designing for Flood Risk
This publication by the City of New York examines strategies for coastal areas for making buildings more resilient to the effects of flooding
portable-homes  geography  flooding 
21 days ago by dilibrary
Louisiana has a new plan to prevent flood disasters | Grist
Louisiana has a new climate plan, but this time, it's not on coastal restoration. It's about helping people get out of the way when disaster inevitably strikes.
naturaldisaster  flooding 
21 days ago by NiklasJordan
Record-Setting Precipitation Leaves U.S. Soils Soggy
"...sea surface temperatures in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico have been generally well above normal over the past year. This has surely added to the atmospheric water vapor content available to the precipitating weather systems,” said Ken Kunkel, a climatologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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22 days ago by huntercutting
Florida appoints first chief science officer to take on climate crisis | US news | The Guardian
Republican governor creates chief science officer position.

"other moves DeSantis has made, including renaming the state department of environmental protection’s coastal division the office of resilience and coastal protection, and pledging $2.5bn for the environment over four years."
climate  politics  ocean  flooding 
29 days ago by paulmr

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