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Floating Solar Technology At Sea - SolarSea™. Roof Solar for islands
Appears to be providing solar panels mounted on floats, for use in shallow saltwater lagoons, unlike most floating PV which is on freshwater
nearshore  shallow  saltwater  ocean  lagoon  floating  PV  solar  panel  power  generator 
6 days ago by asteroza
Principle Power, Inc. - Globalizing Offshore Wind
Apparently the leading semisub wind turbine type, and the leading floating type overall
floating  wind  turbine  power  generator  offshore  semisubmersible  marine  structure 
8 days ago by asteroza
Real Numbers and Robustness in Computational Geometry
Robustness issues due to imprecise arithmetic used in place of exact real number
computation are a notorious problem in the implementation of geometric algorithms.

We briefly address some robustness issues and discuss approaches to resolve them.
computational  geometry  numerical  algorithms  floating  point  error 
25 days ago by cycloid
'ClusterDuck' is IBM's Rubber Duck-Inspired Wifi System for Emergency Relief
'ClusterDuck' is IBM's Rubber Duck-Inspired Wifi System for Emergency Relief
emergency  radio  wifi  floating  cluster 
5 weeks ago by farmckon

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