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to dare to see
susiecarter - David/Jack, T --- 1,808

Post-movie, Jack and David start to play a long slow game of not-quite-gay-chicken; no one loses.
ao3  newsies  jack/dave  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  ;♥  cute  flirting  first  kissing  pov-david 
2 days ago by we.are.golden
Vulcan, Not Dead. - by Kitty_Kinneas (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2019)
“That went well,” Bones said dryly from where he was pretending to wire something in the corner. He didn’t know shit about wiring, but he had to pretend he did in order to stay around. God knew Spock was too efficient to bother keeping him there if he knew he was a doctor and not an engineer.

“Didn’t it?” Jim said, with no suggestion of sarcasm.

Bones frowned at him. “Jim. He turned you down so cold I’m surprised you don’t have frostbite.”

“Oh, please. You don’t watch him hard enough. He was tempted.”

“Oh, and you been watching him that… hard… huh?” Bones asked, smirking.

“Yes. Because we need those codes.”

“Uhuh. Right. The codes. You like him.”

Jim snorted, opening the chocolate bar and taking a bite. He gestured with it. “Please. The guy is like an old lady fussing over her porcelain figures. Everything has to be just right.”

“Yeah, I get that, but… you like a challenge. And you can’t get much more challenging than this one.”

Jim shook his head. “This is all about this job, Bones. We need the ship – we’re gonna get it.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  space  pirates  flirting  bars  casual-sex  honesty 
3 days ago by runpunkrun
Touch of the Mind - by HanaSheralHaminail, ladymars (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
“While Vulcan food is technically edible to human, I am sure you will not find our food appetizing,” Spock told him as the other eyed his breakfast.

Jim snorted and rested his chin on his hand as he looked up at him from across the narrow mess hall table. “Y’know, you saying things like that just makes me want to try it out more.”

Jim was stubborn, so Spock relented easily and brought over a bowl of plomeek soup for him. His expression did not change as Jim experienced a whole range of emotions as he ate a spoonful of the soup.

“That tasted like hot, sticky seaweed juice,” Jim muttered as he poked at the bowl of green liquid with his spoon.

“I warned you that Vulcan food would not be appetizing to you,” Spock said as Jim took another spoonful despite the past and now present disgust in his face.

“It’s not that bad,” Jim insisted, though his strained demeanor said otherwise. Why the Captain was putting himself through this was beyond Spock’s scope of knowledge. He usually ate breakfast by himself in his ready room, stopping by the mess hall early and briefly to avoid the crowd and have a moment to himself before arriving at the bridge. The change in schedule did not make sense, but many things about the Captain did not make sense, thus Spock attributed Jim’s newfound curiosity for Vulcan cuisine to that.

Jim added several shakes of the saltshaker to his soup before taking the next bite, seeming more at ease this time. “We should eat breakfast together more often. Maybe you can try out Earth breakfast food. Try out scrambled eggs and bacon.”

“I would find that agreeable,” Spock said. It would be good to debrief before they arrived at the bridge, strategically sound. “But I do not eat meat.”

Jim grinned at the simple answer and nudged Spock’s shoe with his foot. “Tofu bacon then.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  flirting  oblivious  food  language  off-world  telepathy  mind-meld 
7 days ago by runpunkrun
A Marriage of Inconvenience
autoschediastic - Eggsy/Harry, E --- 11,619

“Caution in the field isn’t confined to simply an awareness of your surroundings,” Harry says, his tone stern but his breath soft and warm against the back of Eggsy’s hand. His gaze lifts, his eyes hooded as he peers at Eggsy over the rims of his glasses. “You’ve told a lie, Eggsy, and now that lie must be truth.”

(Or, that time Eggsy scored them a better table by saying it was his and Harry's anniversary and quickly grew to regret it.)
ao3  kingsman  harry/eggsy  *e  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  undercover  fake-dating  flirting  first  sex 
11 days ago by we.are.golden
A Taste of Mallorca
Regency - Harry/Eggsy, M --- 18,854

AU. Harry is a celebrated food critic. Eggsy is a Youtube-famous food blogger. They meet at the grand opening of Mediterranean restaurant Mallorca when they’re forced to share a table. It’s a meal, and a night, neither will soon forget.

For the 2015 Kingsman Bang. (Revised 11.21.15)
ao3  kingsman  harry/eggsy  *m  w.d::10-20k  ;★★☆  au  chef!au  flirting  first  sex 
13 days ago by we.are.golden
The Whole World and You
cymbalism - Jack/David, G --- 2,474

Jack's jealous.
ao3  newsies  jack/dave  *g  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  ;♥  jealousy  flirting  cute  pov-jack 
18 days ago by we.are.golden
Growth Spurt
FestiveFerret - Tony/Steve, T --- 2,785

Tony: Remember that guy I had the hots for in high school that I was telling you about?

Rhodey: The Steve guy? Yeah.

Tony: He's here.

Rhodey: Oh shit.

Tony: He grew a beard.

Rhodey: ...

Rhodey: You're fucked.

Tony: IKR.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *t  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  au  high-school!au  reunion  cute  flirting  pov-tony 
6 weeks ago by we.are.golden
Lost in Thought - mckays_girl - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Sheppard caught McKay staring at him, they were sitting together, in the mess hall, eating lunch. The scientist couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from John's lips, as he absently shoveled food into his own mouth.
f:sga  k:firsttime  rating:nc-17  flirting  p:rodney/john  l:atlantis 
9 weeks ago by miss_speller
By No Ordinary Means of Communication
Q can’t help but wonder how, exactly, his life has come to this.

(The one where Bond discovers post-it notes, Q discovers how not to talk about feelings, and together, they fight crime make things far more complicated than necessary.)
Skyfall  Bond/Q  03-10  Slash  Fluff  Flirting  OfficeSex  GetTogether  Sextoy  Author:laughtershock 
march 2019 by LilyC
Going To X-tremes
Berty - Jack/Daniel, M --- 2,166

It's just two guys watching a TV show. How hard can that be?
ao3  sg-1  jack/daniel  *m  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  flirting  first  kissing  pov-daniel 
march 2019 by we.are.golden
Cloud Nine
Cesare - Rodney/John, T --- 17,769

"Well, look who thinks he's the sexiest person at The Weather Station," said Rodney.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *t  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  au  television  banter  flirting  oblivious  dating  cute  pov-rodney 
march 2019 by we.are.golden
GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out)
esteefee - Rodney/John, E, cool Rodney characterisation --- 9,890

Imperfect input could invariably be blamed for imperfect output, but only if the data testing procedures were faulty, and in Rodney's case, he'd been sloppy in his testing. Very sloppy.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  flirting  first  sex  shower  pov-rodney 
february 2019 by we.are.golden
A Dangerous Desire, or McKay Makes a Match - Chapter 1 - janne_d - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Sheppard came round the table and patted him helpfully on the back, though Rodney felt like waving him off because it would really save an awful lot of trouble if he just died now.

I had to save at least *one* SGA regency fic, and this one is fun and roguish
fandom:sga  au:victorian-or-regency  one-oblivious-one-has-totally-got-it-on-lock  flirting  length:25k+ 
february 2019 by toybeluga
elfenphoenix - Brother Complex
For someone whose eyes never seem to be open, Kominato Ryousuke seems to see everything, especially when it comes to Haruichi and Kuramochi. Which is a huge problem for Kuramochi, because it's impossible to get closer to the younger Kominato as long as Ryousuke's around!
fandom:Daiya_no_A  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Haruichi/Kuramochi  pairing:Miyuki/Eijun  pairing:Kuramochi/Ryousuke  one-sided  podfic_wishlist  getting-together  cute  fluff  flirting  one-shot  words:6.000-6.500  comedy  complete 
january 2019 by hear-the-rain
Phoenix Repair Services - carpemermaid - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Phoenix Repair Services — We’ll bring it back to life as if it was new!

Draco hires a suspiciously private wizarding handyman to fix his kitchen when he returns home to find it destroyed. He expects a middle-aged wizard with greying hair and a pudgy gut to show up. Instead, he gets Harry Potter—with a utility belt and a charming smile—who is more attractive than he has any right to be.
ewe  flirting  p:h/d  fluff  f:hp  rating:nc-17  o:handyman  wandlessmagic 
january 2019 by miss_speller
Tomohisa - borrow
Tooru's eyes shot open. Whoever he was spooning had black hair, but it was definitely /not/ Iwa-chan because /how could anyone have hair so messy?/
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kuroo/Oikawa  flirting  tattoos  words:8.000-8.500  comedy 
january 2019 by hear-the-rain
Less Than Madonna
Berty - Jack/Daniel, E --- 5,248

Diplomatic relations, but not as we know them.
ao3  sg-1  jack/daniel  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  hilarity  texting  flirting  first  pov-jack 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
Pretty - by Andrew (Skomie)
"I apologize I was-" he attempts not to falter while looking up from his PADD, eyes meeting the interruption. "My mind was elsewhere."

The word ‘Golden’ ricochets through his mind before managing to capture it, "Distracted Vulcan, that's a first for me." Spock feels an eyebrow quirk. Jim, according to a precariously pinned name-tag, clearly does not miss it as his smile becomes ever so slightly smug. "I'm afraid our vegetarian menu is limited to a garden salad or," pausing, pretending to scan the menu Spock has yet to assess, "a slightly smaller garden salad."

"I defer to your expertise, Jim."

There's only a slight delay before the amusement cracks suddenly, the corners of blue eyes crinkling before ducking his head as he turns away from the counter and back towards the kitchen. Spock forces his mind not to linger when his food is delivered with nothing more than a sincere, "Enjoy," returning his attention to his PADD and the work he was only slightly forbidden to do. Dinner is adequate at best and yet he is disproportionately pleased with his meal. The clanging of plates and hum of voices creates an unusually welcome background noise, so much so that nearly an hour goes by before he questions why he has yet to be handed a bill.

He scans for Jim, catching the eye of another server instead.

"Shift change, don’t think he wanted to bother you," the young man explains while retrieving a slip from his apron pocket. "Looks like you made an impression... and not much impresses Jim." His confusion only lasts a moment when he sees that the paper is merely a paid in full receipt.

He is just barely able to control the heat that begs to tinge his face when he finds, scrawled at the bottom, 'This one’s on me, Takov.' Perhaps meditation really is more urgent than he thought.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  earthside  food  flirting  <3 
december 2018 by runpunkrun

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