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Lessons From Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Failures (An interview with EdSurge)
"One thing that the flipped model is really good for is giving you plenty of opportunities to gather data about student learning. When you’ve basically freed up class time so there’s very little lecturing going on, you can give lots and lots of formative assessment day in and day out."
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september 2017 by jschneider
Sherry Turkle Says There’s a Wrong Way to Flip a Classroom
Students "have a fantasy that they can send me a perfect email. They can present themselves as perfect and ask me their exact question, and that I will send them their exact perfect answer back. We're too often trying to turn conversations into connections or into transactions"
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november 2016 by mandryk
Managing In-Class Learning Experiences in Flipped Classrooms | Faculty Focus
"When you think about flipping a lesson or a class, you must, on some level, embrace the messiness of a dynamic learning environment. But that does not mean you lose control or let chaos rule your classroom. In fact, because there are so many variables in the flipped classroom, you need to be even more organized, and put systems in place to help you and your students focus on the learning. Here are three strategies to help you manage the in-class learning environment and stay organized"
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june 2016 by dilibrary
ΓÇÿStudent AgencyΓÇÖ Is Not Something You Give or Take | EdSurge News
We canΓÇÖt continue to frame agency as something that educators give to students. That feeds into the old model of knowledge transmission, where educators stand up and give information to students. Developing ΓÇÿagencyΓÇÖ, on the other hand, is a collaborative effort where both parties stand to gain (and lose). Collaboration, then, is fundamentally about a relationship between two (or more) equals. As such, ΓÇÿagencyΓÇÖ demands a couple of things: individualization, relationship, and equality.
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october 2015 by StJohnBosco

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