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Eyeo 2012
Robert Hodgin () creates amazing work: Also check out Cinder – like Processing, a tool for creative coding
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june 2012 by fjordaan
Flight404's Eyeo work
Interesting physics demos, with source code
cinder  eyeo  visualization  art  flight404 
june 2012 by nelson
For great justice, Bloom adds Robert Hodgin
"We're excited to invite you in to our newly redesigned site at bloom.io, where we'll be showcasing the first instances of the experiences we're designing, starting with Fizz and Cartagram. What is important to realize about these, as with all of our coming applications, is that they are the foundations of a constant flow of ongoing iterative development, much like video game franchises. As a participant in the Bloom Network, you'll be presented with an ever-changing, ever-increasing variety of views onto the world's most popular web services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, youTube, Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram, and so forth. Some of these instruments will be lyrical, some playful, some analytic, many of them combinations of all three, but all will provide compelling and engaging handles on the information that matters to you most, each one evolving and improving over time, building on your understanding of its performance."
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february 2011 by migurski

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