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How to Moderate a Forum » Laurel Papworth @SilkCharm
A very practical and informative guide to effectively running and moderating an online community from someone with a lot of experience in the field.
elearning  moderation  forum  elearn  discussion  screenface  facilitation  flexed 
november 2013 by gamerlearner
Kahoot! - handy online quiz activity builder supporting mobile access in class
Kahoot is a very simple but highly interactive online tool that enables teachers to create quizzes (or survey questions) that students are able to access via mobile devices. It takes a fairly gamified approach with time limits for responses to questions, points for faster responses and leaderboards
elearning  mlearning  interactive  screenface  quiz  survey  interaction  eLearn  flexed  clicker  mobile 
november 2013 by gamerlearner
Taking a test is better than studying, even if you just guess: We need to flip the flipped classroom | Computing Education Blog
This article looks at some interesting research that suggests that getting your learners to take a short test on the content in your course before they've learned about it will actually help them to retain it later. At the very least I guess it gives them an overview of what they will be learning and what they do and don't already know about it.
pre-test  flipped  classroom  elearn  screenface  flexed  education  assessment 
august 2013 by gamerlearner
3 powerful ideas you should steal from marketing for your training design
Cathy Moore is one of the smartest writers about training and education design going around. She simply gets that we need to focus on what we want learners to be able to do and that we need to tailor everything that we do to support that. This post touches on an idea that I've been thinking a lot about recently - the fact that we should be taking lessons from marketing and advertising (yes, evil marketing and advertising) about designing messages that appeal to our audience. After all, this is what they exist to do and these people spend obscene amounts of money and time finding ways to reach people who long ago learned to ignore or resist their messages. (It's also a pretty funny and well made ad)
training  elearning  education  design  marketing  humour  screenface  humor  flexed 
august 2013 by gamerlearner
Help Fix Someone's Computer Using Google Hangouts' Remote Desktop - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Useful new feature in Google Hangouts - you need to already be in a Hangout with someone to activate it - that lets you share your desktop and hand over desktop control
support  google  hangout  ICT  IT  flexed  screenshare  desktop  share 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
National VET content
Great looking pool of resources for VET (Vocational Education and Training) teachers including all of the flexible learning toolboxes
elearn  toolboxes  education  flexed  VET 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
Under Ten Minutes | How to use Education Technology quickly.
Lots of interesting and potentially useful tools explained in short videos on this handy site.
elearning  elearn  how-to  screenface  education  flexed  video 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats | TeachBytes | Diigo
Useful outline of the approved formats for citing material from social media in academic writing
social  media  citing  citation  academic  writing  APA  twitter  facebook  blog  flexed 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
Manifesto for learning & development professionals
Some simple points about how instructional and education design should really work.
education  design  elearning  design  instructional  design  elearn  elearning  flexed  blog 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
Nuts and Bolts: What Is “Good” eLearning, Anyway? by Jane Bozarth : Learning Solutions Magazine
Good argument for focussing on the ability of eLearning content to get the learner to learn, rather than fixating on the aesthetics of the design
elearn  elearning  education  blog  flexed 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
Teaching with Video - Educators sharing experiences using GoAnimate For Schools
This page on the GoAnimate site has some great examples of the different ways teachers are using the animation creation tool in their teaching practice.
animation  goanimate  flexed  blog 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
Cathy Moore - action-mapping.pdf
One of the clearest and most sensible explanations of eLearning design that I've ever seen
training  elearning  education  design  edugames  flexed  blog  education  VET  educaitn 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
SuddenlySmart - SmartBuilder
Useful looking interactive content builder
tools  elearn  smart  builder  flexed  content  builder  education 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
Digital literacy - Laptop ports and cables
Simple but nicely put together activity created in Smart Builder that steps learners through a practical understanding of the ports and cables on a standard laptop.
digital  literacy  elearn  hardware  flexed  blog  education  tona 
june 2013 by gamerlearner
GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!
Great Google Maps based game that challenges you to identify where in the world you are based on Street View.
geoguessr  games  google  maps  elearn  game  based  learning  maps  game  flexed  blog  education 
may 2013 by gamerlearner

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