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Oakland teen burned on bus ready to go to school – San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco ChronicleOn their first weekend together since that terrible day of fire and fear nearly a month ago, Sasha Fleischman’s family puttered around their house in Oakland on Saturday, doing as much as they could that resembled normal. Dad Karl Fleischman fried eggs …Oakland teen set on fire describes horrific ordealKERO-TV 23Oakland teen set […]
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LA Times Profiles Jon Fleischman's Flash Report; Fleischman Admits to Being a Monkey
In our recent appearance on KOC together, I had to correct a Fleischman claim that TARP was a program begin by President Obama.  Fleischman was also unaware that Americans pay a lower percentage of taxes today as a part of their incomes than they did during the 1950s (its a documented fact) and that the effectiev corporate tax rate is basically 12 percent, the lowest its been in 40 years.  But as far as Jon’s concerned, keep taking a meat clever to taxes is the only way to go. 

Oh way, and he compares himself to a woman and a monkey; from the story:

“I’m not only Jane Goodall, who’s looking at the monkeys, I actually am one of the monkeys,” Fleischman said in an interview at his Newport Beach office. “The monkeys will talk to another monkey before they will talk to a reporter.”

Are baboons apes or monkeys?
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Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief
"...If I catch a dog dressed up like a cat, I really caught a dog. I did not really catch a cat! However, they want you to believe a dog dressed up like a cat, is really a cat!"

This subject, unfortunately, brings out too many nut jobs. I hope it's true, but I'm fairly skeptical.
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