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Review: REI Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover || Benchmark standard for $22
"On three-season backpacking trips in the Mountain West, and on cooler trips elsewhere, I consider a fleece top like the REI Co-op Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover ($45, 8 oz) to be an essential item. It serves two functions: As a second layer in brisk conditions (e.g. chilly mornings, windy ridges and peaks), when my hiking shirt isn’t sufficiently warm on its own; and, As a mid-layer in cool-and-wet or cold-and-wet conditions, worn between my hiking shirt and rain shell, to insulate me and to buffer any precipitation or perspiration that seeps through or is trapped by my rain gear. A fleece is complementary to, not a replacement for, a high-loft jacket with down or synthetic insulation, such as the Patagonia Ultralight Down Hoody. That piece is useful for trapping body heat during inactivity, like during a rest stop or in camp."
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10 days ago by doglord
System Builder – Beyond Clothing USA
Designed to keep you mission capable from -40°F and above, the Axios clothing system can be worn in a variety of ways and customized to the users needs and dynamic environmental conditions. Layers can be added, or removed within the system to accommodate the temperature range you're operating in as well as Active and Static use profiles.
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7 weeks ago by markhgn
Polyester Fleece
remembered the Old Navy fleece jingle
january 2019 by skwak
Patagonia's New Study Finds Fleece Jackets Are a Serious Pollutant | Outside Online
Patagonia recently commissioned a study to find out how many synthetic microfibers—the tiny bits of plastic that marine scientists say could be jeopardizing our oceans (and us)—are being shed from its jackets in the wash. The results aren't pretty.
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february 2018 by herbalmedicine

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