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Charles Chamberlain on Quadroon Balls And Plaçage
Charles Chamberlain teaches history at the University of New Orleans. “I don't believe that any plaçage contracts have ever been found or uncovered by historians. And so this is part of the legend that historians who have studied it have a hard time actually validating.” But what about the balls where these arrangements were made, these famous quadroon balls? They had to exist…right? “Well I don't think there's any evidence that speaks to that!” exclaims Chamberlain. Emily Clark is a professor of American colonial history at Tulane University. She says the ball is just part of the myth, and concurs that there’s no evidence suggesting that the balls, so often described, ever happened regularly or that formal plaçage agreements existed. She calls this myth ‘the plaçage complex.’ Plaçage isn’t all legend. The origin of this is surprising: the Haitian Revolution. Thousands of Haitian refugees fled to New Orleans in the very early 1800s, almost doubling the population of the city.
NOLA  History  Plaçage  Race  Quadroons  Quadroon  Balls  Historiography  Charles  Chamberlain  University  of  New  Orleans  Emily  Clark  Tulane  Plaçage  isn’t  all  legend.  The  origin  of  this  is  surprising:  Haitian  Revolution.  Thousands  of  Haitian  refugees  fled  to  New  Orleans  in  very  early  1800s  almost  doubling  population  of  city.  Haiti 
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Anon on the run: How Commander X jumped bail and fled to Canada | Ars Technica
Anon on the run: How Commander X jumped bail and fled to Canada, from Ars Technica http://arstechnica.com
starred  Ars  Technica  Anon  on  the  run:  How  Commander  X  jumped  bail  and  fled  to  Canada 
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