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A Flavorful Guide to the Guilds of Ravnica Allegiance | MAGIC: THE GATHERING
There's a lot going on inside the guilds of Ravnica Allegiance, and Chas runs through everything you need to know.
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february 2019 by sjmarshy
Technique Thursdays: Ike Jime, The Japanese Slaughter Method For Tastier Fish
What is Ike jime?
Ike jime is a Japanese fish preparation method that paralyses fish and drains them of blood. When done correctly, it not just preserves the f
slaughter  fish  flavour  cooking  umami  preservation 
february 2019 by ivar
I predict this cover will feature so often in talks that I'll be sick of the joke even before the…
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january 2018 by jwtulp

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