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Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel
via Windows Secrets:

The first time you visit this page, it might appear that the panel is a screen shot image. Nope, it’s the actual, interactive panel. Full, self-explanatory instructions and descriptions are on this page below the panel. Among the seven icon-style tabs the two which are most effective for controlling what Flash stores on your PC are the Global Storage Settings panel (second from the left) and the Website Storage Settings panel(second from the right). The Global Storage panel commands default storage settings for Websites you have yet to visit. The Website Storage panel is for sites you have already visited.

The other panels, also self-explanatory, control the same privacy settings found on the Windows Control Panel. If you have set them already in Windows, setting them here is only then necessary if you also use the Google Chrome browser which relies on this online manager exclusively.
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august 2017 by pierredv
Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe
New enterprise Flash download site. Requires login (boo!) and authorization.
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october 2016 by yarngeek
Disable Flash
This isn't some theoretical danger; it's real. Just the other day, an exploit kit was found on the reasonably well-trafficked website of famous(?) chef, Jamie Oliver. It exploited Flash. It happens on more universally viewed sites as well. RedTube—a site that, well come on you know what it is—was hiding a secret exploit kit too, one that (obviously) targeted Flash. And countless more sites—dailymotion.com, theblaze.com, and nydailynews.com, for instance—spent some time infected by a network of bad ads that pushed exploit kits all over the web.


This is why I tell my people that it doesn't matter if you're not browsing sketchy sites; if you're browsing an innocuous site that's been compromised, you can also be compromised.

Browse without admin rights and with up-to-date browsers.
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july 2015 by yarngeek
Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows
Includes links to "full" flash play installer (as opposed to the stub that then tries to download the rest) at the bottom
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june 2015 by pne
Adobe Flash Player Distribution
Read Adove Flash Player FAQ for answers to common questions about distribution of the Adobe Flash Player software.
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june 2014 by tj
Firefox - Flash Player Has Stopped Working
You can try navigating to:

Windows 32bit: C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash

Windows 64bit: C:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash

Find "mms.cfg", (right click, edit) to open it and add "ProtectedMode=0" to the end of the file.

Save, and see if the problem persists
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may 2014 by kme

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