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Maytag washer 2000 series light blinking - Fixya
Did all of the water drain out of the washer during the spin?
Select RINSE, DRAIN & SPIN to remove any water remaining in the washer. The washer door should unlock at the end of the drain.
Is the door locked and is the "Add Clothes" light on?
Press START/PAUSE once. The door should unlock.
If the issue is not that ... but indeed having a stuck latch then there were references that the method below would work on some Maytags:
UNPLUG the washer and remove the bottom front service panel. Carefully reach up along the inside of that front panel and pull down on the manual release tab that is on the bottom of the door latch assembly.
If your machine does have a bottom service panel ... then there should also be taped somewhere inside the machine the technician service paper work which can usually be helpful also
Maytag  washer  stuck  door  blinking  flashing  light  timer 
6 weeks ago by Michael.Massing
Updated: SAS HBA crossflashing or flashing to IT mode, Dell Perc H200 and H310 – techmattr
Default firmware for this guide is: 2118it.bin Version Release date: 11-FEB-16 WARNING: If you have an Integrated, Mini or Mini Mono Perc H310 do NOT try to crossflash with these steps. So this guide will be the update to my first guide... without double checking everything I'm pretty sure it's almost identical except for the…
itmode  perc  dell  hba  flashing 
9 weeks ago by morwyn
USB FLASH drive repair - infar.be
how to fix a broken flash drive stick by replacing its crystal
hardware  repair  USB  crystal  led  flashing  broken 
10 weeks ago by madnaut
[QMK] Guide for flashing keyboards : olkb
This post offers some pretty good tips for flashing QMK from the command line.
qmk  flashing  reddit  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Flashing Firmware - Keebio Documentation
“A couple of notes:

“Initially, you do need to have both sides flashed, as that allows both sides to talk to each other using the same communication protocol

“Once both sides are flashed, you only need to flash the master side if you are just updating the keymap

“In the meantime, checkout the resources and information about test flashing below.”
flashing  qmk  keyboards  2018  nyquist 
september 2018 by handcoding
qmk_firmware/newbs_flashing.md at master · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
“Now that you've built a custom firmware file you'll want to flash your keyboard.”
preonic  qmk  2018  keyboards  flashing 
september 2018 by handcoding

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