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Officials: Man who accidentally started Nibley fire won't be charged
NIBLEY, Cache County — Officials say the man who caused a fire at a Nibley storage facility Saturday will not face charges.

The fire, which resulted in an estimated $1.5 million to $1.75 million in damage, was caused by a man working on his car inside one of the storage units, Hyrum Assistant Fire Chief Blake Christensen said. On Monday, Christensen confirmed that the man will not face charges.

The blaze occurred at 4000 South and 100 West and destroyed about 25 units, firefighters said.

The contents of the burned storage units were also destroyed, Christensen said.

The man working on his car, who also called 911, had minor burns on his hands but was treated and released on scene. Investigators said was trying to use ether, a flammable chemical, to jump-start a car.
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Chevron Explosion: Firm fined £5m
Four contractors died at the Chevron Oil Refinery in 2011, after flammable gases inside a chemical storage tank they were draining ignited.

Dennis Riley, 52, Robert Broome, 48, Andrew Jenkins, 33, and Julie Jones lost their lives after the explosion in Pembroke.

A fifth employee, Andrew Phillips, was caught in the flames but survived with life-changing burns.

Chevron will have to pay a £5m fine and court costs of £1m as part of a deal it struck with Valero Energy UK Limited, which bought the site shortly after the disaster.
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Springfield MA Firefighters Help Contain 300-Gallon Chemical Spill
SPRINGFIELD, MA—The Springfield Fire Department was called in to help contain the accidental spill of a flammable liquid at Astro Chemicals at 26 Memorial Drive on Thursday morning, according to officials.

Dennis Leger, aide to Fire Commissioner Bernard J. Calvi, said 300 gallons of a chemical called tetaethylsicicate, a class 3 flammable liquid, was spilled at around 8:30 a.m. when a coupling on a tanker gave way as it was being transferred into the company.

Firefighters are working to contain the spill and are monitoring air quality, Leger said.

A private company has been called to handle the cleanup.
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Ineffective Maintenance, Safety Management Led to Barge Explosion
Washington, DC (WorkersCompensation.com) - An explosion and fire aboard a barge was the result of a lack of effective maintenance and safety management of the barge by the Bouchard Transportation Company, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a report released Thursday.

Marine Accident Brief 19/07 states the Oct. 20, 2017, explosion aboard the articulated tug and barge Buster Bouchard/B No. 255 was caused by the ignition of flammable vapor that formed in a void space. The vapor was from crude oil that leaked into the void space from the number one port cargo tank through a corroded bulkhead. Two barge crewmembers who were on the bow were killed in the explosion. About 2,000 barrels of crude oil were discharged from the barge into the water, or, were consumed in the ensuing fire. The barge sustained more than $5 million in damage and was scrapped after the accident. The tugboat was not damaged.
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KMCO Issues Statement on Crosby Plant Fire Investigation
Specialty chemicals manufacturer KMCO LLC released a statement on Wednesday that provided an update on the company’s investigation into a fire and explosion at its Crosby, TX chemical facility that resulted in a fatality and injuries. 

“While the company’s investigation is ongoing, eye-witnesses have described a sudden, acute failure in a piping component that caused a release of Isobutylene, which ignited minutes later,” stated KMCO. “The failure of this component on the morning of April the 2nd caused the release of flammable gases and resulting fire.”

KMCO’s release seemed to be aimed at dispelling media reports that a defect or a leak in an Isobutylene valve contributed to the blast and fire. 

“There is no evidence to support media speculation that a faulty or leaking Isobutylene valve led to the events on April 2,” the company said.  

A fire and explosion on April 2 at KMCO’s chemical plant in Crosby, TX left one person dead and several others with injuries, Powder & Bulk Solids reported. Homes, schools, and offices within a mile of the facility were ordered to shelter in place during the incident. 
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5 weeks ago by dchas
Major fire at chemical factory
A major fire broke out at Parkash Chemicals in Durga Colony, Phase V, Focal Point, today. The firemen struggled hard to douse the flames as chemical containers kept exploding. More than a dozen workers were reportedly working inside the unit when the fire broke out.
Station Fire Officer SN Sharma said it was around 5 pm when an oil tanker carrying inflammable lubricants, which was about to leave the factory, caught fire following sparking. The tanker driver was lucky to jump off in time. 

Soon, the flames spread to the chemical drums stored in the factory. More than six two-wheelers were destroyed in the fire. 
The fire officials said there were more than 100 drums of chemical lying inside the unit. Water sprinkled on the flames was actually stoking the fire which forced the firemen to stop their operation for over an hour. 
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Aerosol Chemical Plant Fined Over Flammable Liquid Dangers
A Georgia manufacturer of aerosol chemicals faces federal citations for allegedly failing to protect workers from hazards involving flammable liquids and combustible dust.

PLZ Aeroscience, which operates as Plaze Georgia, was cited and fined a proposed $107,164 for alleged safety violations at its Dalton, Ga., facility, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration said April 25.

OSHA cited the company for two repeat violations for allegedly not ensuring workers wear flame-retardant clothing and not providing adequate safety training to workers...
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7 weeks ago by dchas
Warnings, disposal at issue in lawsuit over fatal steel drum explosion
EVANSVILLE —  Late on a Sunday afternoon, John Fritchley II stood in front of the garage at his home near Boonville, Indiana with a blowtorch and began to cut the end off of an empty 55-gallon steel drum that he planned to use for burning trash.

The resulting explosion on Feb. 11, 2018, instantly killed Fritchley, 46. The force of the explosion hurtled the drum's lid 40 feet.

The drum itself, scorched nearly black by the blast, came to rest 10 feet from Fritchley. Neighbors reported hearing the explosion.

Arriving sheriff's deputies reported finding Fritchley on his back with the blowtorch still in his hand and a chemical smell in the air.

"It was almost like a bomb went off," said Warrick County Sheriff's Detective Jarrett Busing, who led the investigation.

The drum had contained heptane isopropanol, a highly flammable liquid solvent, according to its label. It didn't take long for investigators to determine how the explosion happened. Although empty of liquid, chemical residue left behind was still releasing volatile vapors.

Plugs that might have helped vent the vapors were still in place, said Lt. Bryan Flowers, another sheriff's detective who worked the scene.

The fatal explosion might have been avoided with better warnings about the dangers of such empty chemical drums, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Fritchley's wife, Samantha Labno-Fritchley.

It's a preventable tragedy that happens far more often than people realize, said attorney Terry Noffsinger, who represents her. He said he was surprised to find out how prevalent such incidents were.

"I probably found 50 or 60 incidents just by looking on the internet," he said.

The lawsuit names several businesses involved in the chain of distribution of the drum, which contained a chemical solvent commonly used for cleaning automotive brakes.

It accuses Indianapolis-based manufacturer Superior Solvents and Chemicals, Inc., as well as Evansville-based companies Busler Enterprises and Kenny Kent Toyota (Evansville Automotive LLC) of negligence and product liability causing the wrongful death of Fritchley.

Attorneys for all three companies have denied the claims in their own court filings. The companies place the fault with a man, not a defendant in the lawsuit, who resold the empty drum, and on Fritchley who was modifying it to use as a burn barrel.

The case was transferred to Vanderburgh Circuit Court where it is currently slated for a July 2020 jury trial.
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KMCO explosion in Crosby, Texas could have been prevented: Lawsuit
CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- Could the deadly blast at KMCO have been prevented? Three contractors who worked at the plant say yes.

"They absolutely knew about the leak... at least within the many minutes before the explosion," said Larry Wilson.

Wilson represents the three contractors who filed suit Monday morning.

These contractors are claiming in the suit that officials knew about a leak in a check valve that malfunctioned. That valve, according to the lawsuit, was connected to the butylene line.

"Obviously what they should have been doing at that point was calling a general alarm and evacuating people when they began to suspect a leak," said Wilson.

The lawsuit claims that authorities instead only went to investigate, and in that time the fire ignited

"The only way that you end up with flammable products outside of where they're supposed to be is because you at some point had a breakdown in the system," claimed Wilson.
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10 weeks ago by dchas
Life-threatening businesses not to be allowed in old Dhaka: mayor Khokon
Dhaka South city mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon at a discussion on Sunday said that he would not allow any life-threatening businesses in the city.
Dhaka South City Corporation organised the discussion on chemical business crisis and a way out on the Armanitola Playground in Old Dhaka.
Addressing as chief guest, the city mayor said that everyone should be aware about the danger of chemical business so that deadly incidents like Churihatta fire would not be repeat.
’Don’t store 35 flammable items of chemical in warehouses in Old Dhaka,’ he said.
He announced that a fire drill would take place at Armanitola Playground on Tuesday to prepare the local people.
He said that business is to bring prosperity to life, authority could not allow any business when it became the cause of death of many people.
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Another toxic blaze clouds Melbourne
A waste management factory which exploded into a fireball sending a toxic black plume over Melbourne had been storing almost three times the quantity of chemicals permitted.

The inferno at suburban Campbellfield was sparked about 6.40am on Friday and although under control by shortly after midday, is expected to burn for days.

Operators of the Campbellfield business had their licence suspended by the Environmental Protection Agency in March after being repeatedly found storing too much highly-flammable material.

"We inspected the premises and found three times the amount of material being stored on the premise than it was licensed to store," the authority's Damian Wells said.

Storage containers were also inadequately labelled and being handled outside an appropriate area.

The address is registered to Bradbury Industrial Services, a toxic waste disposal company.

The factory is allowed to hold a maximum 150,000 litres of waste material, including solvents, inks, paints and other flammable materials, before being processed.
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Three detained over China chemical blast that killed 78
Police have detained three suspects linked to a chemical plant blast in China, which killed 78 people and left hundreds injured, local officials said Wednesday.

The explosion last month in Yancheng city, in eastern Jiangsu province, was one of the worst industrial accidents in the country in recent years.

Three employees from Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical, whose facility was involved in the blast, had "significant responsibility" for the accident, according to a statement on the Yancheng government's official Twitter-like Weibo account.

Officials said the suspects have been subjected to "criminal coercive measures" -- a vague term which indicates detention, arrest or being put under house arrest temporarily until police complete their investigations, according to an explanation on the Chinese parliament's website.

Yancheng police declined to offer details on the case when contacted by AFP.

The blast razed an industrial park and blew out the windows of surrounding homes.

The company, with 195 employees, was established in 2007 and mainly produces raw chemical materials including anisole, a highly flammable compound.
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Dozens killed and hundreds injured in explosion at Chinese chemical plant
An explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern China has killed at least 47 people and injured more than 600, state media said, the latest in a series of industrial accidents that has sparked widespread public anger.

The blast occurred on shortly before 3pm on Thursday afternoon in Yancheng in Jiangsu province, north of Shanghai.

The fire was not brought under control until the early hours of Friday, state television said.

Survivors were taken to 16 hospitals with 640 people being treated for injuries. Thirty-two of them were critically injured, it said.

The explosion at the plant owned by Tianjiayi Chemical sent fire spreading to neighbouring factories. Children at a kindergarten in the vicinity were also injured in the blast, media reported.

The cause of the blast was under investigation, but the company – which produces more than 30 organic chemical compounds, some of which are highly flammable – has been cited and fined for work safety violations in the past, the China Daily said.
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Chemical factory goes up in flames
A major fire broke out in an industrial unit in the Phase 7 Industrial Area here, gutting the chemical factory this afternoon. However, no loss of life was reported in the incident.

According to eyewitnesses, multiple explosions were heard during the fire at the thinner factory as highly inflammable chemicals, that had been stored in barrels, exploded followed by ball of fire rising into the air.

The intensity of the fire was such that black smoke layers could be seen as far as 8 to 10 km from the city.
Four factory workers, who were working inside the factory when the blasts took place, scaled the walls of the factory to save their lives. The owner of the factory, Sat Pal Garg, was also inside the factory at the time of the incident. Workers said after they noticed the fire, they rushed out of the factory to save their lives. The owner also ran out.

Five fire engines were pressed into service by the Mohali Fire Department, besides a water boozer, which made 20 rounds to douse the fire. Three fire engines from Chandigarh were also pressed into service.
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march 2019 by dchas
Fatal fire in Chawkbazar originated from chemical stored in Wahed Mansion: IEB probe
The devastating fire in Old Dhaka’s Chawkbazar started at Wahed Mansion used for storing chemical, not by gas cylinder of any vehicle or restaurant, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh or IEB has concluded after an investigation.

“We are 100 percent sure that the fire originated from chemical, nothing else,” IEB General Secretary Khandker Manjur Morhsed told bdnews24.com on Tuesday.

“If the fire had started from something else, it would have spread from below. But there was no transformer or cylinder blast. Everything was alright,” he added, disputing previous claims by building owners of the congested area and a government minister.

The four-storey building which suffered most damage in the fire has two sections – Wahed Manzil and Wahed Mansion.

The ground floor of the Mansion housed around a dozen shops while the first floor was used as warehouses of high pressure deodorant canisters and raw plastic granules. Different families lived in the rest of the building.

Fire service officials also found a huge amount of highly combustible materials stashed in the basement of Wahed Manzil. The fire crews shivered to imagine what would have happened had the fire reached the basement of the building.

The IEB report blamed the storage of flammables on the first floor of the building for the monstrosity of the fire.
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march 2019 by dchas
Chemical Fire Breaks Out At Dunmore Corporation In Bristol Township – CBS Philly
BRISTOL TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Fire investigators are looking into the cause of an overnight chemical fire in Bucks County. It happened at Dunmore Corporation along Wharton Road in Bristol Township.

First responders say a worker was handling flammable liquids when the fire suddenly broke out.

Crews got the fire under control within 15 minutes.

Everyone made it out safely and there were no injuries.

Investigators are now trying to see if static electricity may have been the cause of the fire.
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march 2019 by dchas
New body formed as old one sinks into oblivion
The government has again formed a committee to prepare a list of factories which use flammable products and chemicals in Dhaka and operate without having licence as the previous committee failed to do the same job in four years.
Labour ministry on Friday formed a five-member committee headed by additional secretary Syed Ahmed and asked it to prepare the report with recommendations within 10 days.
Following the fire accident at Apcco Bangladesh Limited, a plastic factory operating illegally at Mirpur in the capital, that killed 13 people on January 31, 2015, Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments had formed a five-member committee for listing factories running unlawfully and also deal in flammable items and chemicals.
A high official of labour ministry said that they had formed the committee in February of the year and asked it to give the real picture of the unapproved chemical, plastic and rubber factories but no progress was reported.
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‘No chemical warehouse, just perfume’
Wednesday’s fire in the Chawkbazar area of Old Dhaka was the result of a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder explosion, and unrelated to any chemical warehouses, Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun has said.

According to the minister, the LPG cylinder was being delivered to the area on a truck, when a transformer blew and caused it to explode.

“The fire had nothing to do with a chemical warehouse. There was no chemical warehouse on the ground floor of the building where the fire spread to first, although a perfume and cosmetics warehouse was located there,” he said while visiting the site of the fire on Thursday.

Earlier, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said it was yet to be confirmed whether the LPG cylinder that allegedly started the fire had been on a car or in a building.

Furthermore, Quader pointed out that the fire may have spread quickly due to the presence of chemical compounds stored in buildings in the area.

Speaking to the Dhaka Tribune, Fire Service and Civil Defence officials also said the cause of the fire is yet to be discerned.

Flammable chemicals stored in the area, such as those found in perfume, caused the blaze to spread at a rapid rate, they added.
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february 2019 by dchas
Beijing university expels department head after fatal lab blast
The head of the civil engineering department at Beijing Jiaotong University has been removed from his post after three students died in an explosion at a chemistry laboratory on campus, the university announced on Saturday.

The supervisor of the three students was also suspended from conducting any scientific research, the statement added.

The explosion occurred on Wednesday when three students were conducting an experiment on the purification of landfill leachate.

Students left bouquets outside the building to mourn the students who died in the fatal accident. /VCG Photo 
Previous reports said before the fatal accident happened, students had noticed large quantities of inflammable and explosive materials in the laboratory.

A social media user who claimed to be a relative of one of the victims said in an online post that 40 bags of cement, 30 barrels of magnesium powder, 28 bags of sodium phosphate, and six barrels of phosphoric acid were inside the lab.

Several barrels of magnesium powder were reportedly inside the laboratory when the explosion happened. /Photo via Weibo
The university said its staffers have been visiting the families of the victims to comfort them and promised to deal with the incident seriously.

Psychological counseling services were offered to teachers and students who experienced the terrified incident.
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Blast Destroys Building At Russian Chemical Plant; Four Hospitalized
Four people were hospitalized with cuts and other injuries after a powerful explosion ripped through a chemical factory in the northwestern Russian city of Kingisepp.

The blast destroyed a two-story building at the Polyplast plant in the city, 140 kilometers southwest of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast Governor Aleksandr Drozdenko said.

Drozdenko said the explosion was most likely set off by sparks flying from a grinder operating near a barrel containing the flammable chemical compound saltpeter.

Rescue teams, police, local authorities, and environmental hazard teams rushed to the site, and the explosion was under investigation.
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january 2019 by dchas

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