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MI Flagship February | Better On Draft
Welcome to MI Flagship February sponsored by Better on Draft!

This page is an evolving resource to re-introduce and remind the craft beer community of Michigan and beyond what each Michigan Craft Brewery’s* Flagship beers are. These are the first brew(s) a location had to offer, the go-to’s that kept the doors open, and/or been the most popular batches that put the brewery on the map!
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5 weeks ago by ianmclaury
Apple iPhone Xs Max VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Heavyweight Flagship Showdown
Full disclaimer: I’ve had the Samsung Note 9 for slightly more than a month now, but haven’t had the chance to go hands-on with the newly-launched Apple iPhone Xs Max. Most publications have only had a limited hands-on with the phone, and I’ve based my conclusions in this piece on tech specification sheets and secondary...

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Apple  iPhone  Xs  Max  VS  Samsung  Galaxy  Note  9:  Heavyweight  Flagship  Showdown 
september 2018 by vrzone
The Huawei Nova 3i Brings Flagship Features at an Unbeatable Price
Huawei’s brings the mobile flagship experience to an even lower price point with the Nova 3i. Retailing at SGD 398, the Nova 3i boasts features that would otherwise belong on the best smartphones in the category. With 128GB of internal storage, Kirin 710 octa-core processor, face unlock, and AI-enabled camera, the Nova 3i is every inch...

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The  Huawei  Nova  3i  Brings  Flagship  Features  at  an  Unbeatable  Price 
july 2018 by vrzone
Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC finds itself in a bit of a pickle after accidentally leaking the specifications, design and pricing details of its upcoming flagship smartphone, the HTC U12 Plus. The official global launch was due to happen on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018. A publically-available testing site for the U12 Plus was spotted by Roland Quandt,...

The post HTC’s Newest Flagship, The U12 Plus Leaked: Price, Specs and Design appeared first on .
HTC’s  Newest  Flagship  The  U12  Plus  Leaked:  Price  Specs  and  Design 
may 2018 by vrzone

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