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PHP_CodeSniffer: Code Beautifier and Fixer, Symfony and PhpStorm
Neat blog tutorial explaining how to set up PHP Code Sniffer Beautifier and Fixer tool (phpcbf) as an external tool in PHPStorm and assign a custom keyboard shortcut.

Then you can run the tool for any PHP project so that it runs the tool via the custom keyboard shortcut.

It works well but the only caveat is that in the code navigator you need to be within the project root directory. You can do this easily by running the Command Key + Up Arrow and then using the arrow keys to navigate to the project root.
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november 2018 by racl101
Lloyd Erlick / Technical / Processing Fiber Base Prints with Ansel Adams' Odorless and Cheap "Plain Fixer" from Bulk Chemicals
More interesting for its description of the effects of contamination on fixer and prints than for the specific fixer recipe.
fixer  chemistry  printing  photography 
august 2018 by michielbuddingh
Angus Parker Photography | How to avoid Fix Exhaustion
simple rule of thumb is that 1 roll of 35mm with 36 exposures, has roughly the same surface areas as 1 roll of 120mm Medium Format film, which has roughly the same surface areas as 1 sheet of 8x10 sheet film. 4x5 sheet film is a 1/4 of a sheet of 8x10,
angusparker  filmphotography  fixer  reference 
august 2018 by bwiese

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