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grilledcheesing: Fic: Five Times Peter Made Tony Laugh out Loud
When Peter finally turns to him, he looks like he might faint.

“Captain America ate my baby.”
Fic  marvel  avengers  spiderman  ironman  gen  humor  tony&peter  five_times   
january 2018 by pkoceres
SummerFrost: Fic: Tell Me Again
@kvpurrson90 (5:03 pm): Currently listening to 2 straight dudes talking about the wonders of the prostate
fic  slash  kent/bitty  CheckPlease!  five_times  bullying/homophobia  coming_out  abuse 
may 2017 by pkoceres
biblionerd07: Fic: Just to See That Little Smile
Faber looks exactly the same, and for a second Jack almost can’t breathe. This is where it all started for him and Eric.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  postseries  coming_out  jack/bitty  five_times  marriage 
august 2016 by pkoceres
withershins: Fic: On the Value of Clear Communication
Flower nods.  "Hey, who gets first crack at threatening Ovi?  Make sure he knows, if he dates one of us, he dates all of us."  He frowns.  "That's not what I mean.  What's the phrase I mean?"
fic  Hockey  slash  RPF  breakup  five_times  relationship_discovery  shovel_talk  rarepairing  ovechkin/crosby 
june 2016 by pkoceres
Pippitypopadoo: Fic: The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home
Mackie shook his head. For this Bitty dude to be mentioned in the bylaws in such a way… he must be the ultimate ‘swawsome guy in Samwell Men’s Hockey.
postseries  CheckPlease!  fic  gen  jack/bitty  humor  five_times  relationship_discovery  outsider_pov 
may 2016 by pkoceres
benjji2795: Fic: Signs as Declarations of Love
“I love you Jack Zimmermann!” Shitty screams at the top of his lungs. 

Jack smiles and shouts back “Love you too Shits!”  Then he blows Shitty an exaggerated kiss, before turning and skating off.
fic  slash  humor  jack/bitty  CheckPlease!  coming_out  postseries  five_times  marriage  shitty&jack 
may 2016 by pkoceres
sarcasticfishes: Fic: Any Time You're Needing Me
“Of course he is,” Sidney replied, confused. “That’s Jack’s best friend.”

“Okay Sid ,” Geno mumbled. “Yes, looks very friend .”
fic  CheckPlease!  slash  jack/bitty  RPF  meet_the_family  closeted  five_times  Hockey  humor 
may 2016 by pkoceres
jackzimmermann: Fic: Parts That Might Fit Like This
In the pictures, Bittle’s legs are sticking out of the open door, like a kid learning to kick-swim. There are a few shots of Jack, open-faced and laughing, and then of Bittle jumping into the car on his second attempt.
fic  postseries  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  marriage  five_times  protective!bitty  humor  slash  kink:carrying 
may 2016 by pkoceres
ofherlionheart: Fic: Maple-Flavored Pie Hearts
“I guess you’re looking for extra checking practice, eh, Bittle?” Jack asks teasingly.

Bittle looks up with wide brown eyes, first at Jack, then at Georgia. He looks a bit stunned, and Georgia holds in a laugh. What a little cutie.
five_times  fic  slash  jack/bitty  relationship_discovery  outsider_pov  CheckPlease! 
may 2016 by pkoceres

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