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Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well by TheRogueHuntress (R)
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well: Minerva fixes Albus' mistakes, with hefty dose of shouting and threats. (2,275 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  five_things  humor  gen  author:TheRogueHuntress  rating:r  wc:001001-005000  via:jenna_marianne 
november 2017 by yarngeek
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well by TheRogueHuntress (R)
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well: Minerva fixes Albus' mistakes, with hefty dose of shouting and threats. (2,275 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  five_things  humor  gen  author:TheRogueHuntress  rating:r  wc:001001-005000 
november 2017 by jenna_marianne
Five Times Bruce Was Surprised by his Husband (and Five Times Tony was Surprised by Bruce) by storiesfortravellers (R)
For this prompt on avengerkink:
"In an AU where brilliant scientists and engineers are viewed like royalty, Bruce and Tony's corporations/universities/research labs/government agencies/whatever have arranged a marriage between them.

Tony is annoyed because he thinks Bruce is going to be quiet and boring and is not going to let him do any of his awesome explosions. Besides, he doesn't think anyone's really worth more than a one-night-stand anyway; he's never been faithful to anything that wasn't run on arc-reactors.

Bruce is more terrified than annoyed. The only possibilities he can think of are bad (Tony will keep dragging him to society functions only to cast him aside and go off with pretty girls) or worse (Tony will experiment on him and it will be as bad as the Army; after all Tony's not been known for caring about collateral damage).

Then, when they actually get together, sparks fly. It turns out Bruce is even more playful than Tony is, and Tony has more heart than Bruce could ever imagine. Make it epic and sickeningly sweet." (3,173 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  marriage-of-convenience  five_things  romance  humor  Pairing:Bruce/Tony  author:storiesfortravellers  rating:r  wc:001001-005000 
october 2016 by jenna_marianne
Nothing Like a Secret So Well Kept by Regann (PG-13)
Even if he doesn't want to admit it, it's obvious (to just about everyone) that Len has a crush on the Flash. (Or, Five people who are amused by Leonard’s crush on Barry and one who finds it to be very serious business.) (5,226 words)
via:yarngeek  fanfiction  fandom:Flash  fandom:Legends_of_Tomorrow  five_things  Pairing:Barry/Leonard  Author:regann  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000 
september 2016 by jenna_marianne
you'll go the same way by LullabyKnell (PG-13)
A man appears at the gates of Malfoy Manor.

Draco Malfoy isn't the average first choice for a hero sent back in time to save the world. Narcissa Malfoy, slightly surprised to see the grown man her eleven-year-old son could be, isn't the average first choice for his Horcrux-hunting partner either. Honestly, they're supposed to be on the other side in all this business.

But it cannot be denied that they're very efficient, especially given their quest is relegated to Narcissa's free time and Draco is relegated to a guest wing bedroom so his father and younger self don't interfere. Nor can it be denied that if the Dark Lord isn't going to show them loyalty and victory, then... well... Family First, after all. (13,674 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  timetravel  drama  crack  dark  five_things  family_relationships  gen  author:LullabyKnell  rating:pg-13  wc:010001-015000  Warning:Character_Death 
august 2016 by jenna_marianne
Amaranth and Ivy by blackkat (PG)
Sequel to Golden Apples and Norse Gods. Five times Ianto surprised the Avengers, and one time they surprised him. (5,063 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Torchwood  fandom:Avengers  crossover  five_things  gen  Pairing:Jack/Ianto  Pairing:Steve/Tony  Pairing:Clint/Natasha  author:blackkat  rating:pg  wc:005001-010000  series:Herding_Cats  presumed_dead 
february 2016 by jenna_marianne
Earthlings Gonna Earth by Lanna Michaels (lannamichaels) (G)
Five things that happen when you get stuck on Mars and have to be dramatically rescued. Or, Mark Watney meets pop culture. (878 words)
via:sophia_sol  fanfiction  fandom:Martian  five_things  futurefic  drama  gen  author:lannamichaels  rating:g  wc:000501-001000 
august 2015 by jenna_marianne
To Serve and Protect by Chunky_Squirrel (PG-13)
Illya obviously has a protective streak for Gaby, even after she's found to not be the "innocent" he thought she was. Sometimes, despite himself, that protective streak extends to Solo, too. This is obvious. It's the way they work.

But one day, he's surprised to see Solo and Gaby bear their teeth on his behalf.
fanfiction  fandom:Man_from_U.N.C.L.E.(2015)  five_things  author:Chunky_Squirrel  rating:pg-13  WIP 
august 2015 by jenna_marianne
10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Trek: The Next Generation
8) Gene Roddenberry banned stories about warfare with Romulans or Klingons. He also wanted no stories about Vulcans, whatsoever, according to the original March 1987 Writers/Directors Guide (PDF). Other standard tropes from the Original Series that Roddenberry banned from TNG: "stories about psi-forces or psychic powers," "swords and sorcery," "mad scientists, or stories in which technology is considered the villain." He also never wanted to see the crew violating the Prime Directive, or "toppling cultures that we don't approve of." And no stories in which the ship is put in danger because the technology fails, or the crew makes a dumb mistake.

The original series bible (which is a fascinating read), also says Picard and Riker have a "father-son relationship," and Picard often pretends to think France is "the only true civilization on Earth." Also, the phrase "fully functional" is underlined when discussing Data. And Tasha Yar is obsessed with Wesley Crusher, who's her "beau ideal" and the childhood friend she never had. Also, Picard "cannot help noticing that Beverly Crusher's natural walk resembles that of a striptease queen." Source: Original Bible.
fandom:Star_Trek:TNG  meta  via:rufous  five_things 
july 2015 by jenna_marianne
Five Sons Mr and Mrs Bennet Never Had by biichan (G)
Five Sons Mr and Mrs Bennet Never Had...for, of course, they were to have a son. This son was to join in cutting off the entail, as soon as he should be of age...

(A series of what-ifs exploring in turn the possibilities had any of the Bennet girls been born male.) (3,929 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Pride_and_Prejudice  five_things  genderswap  drama  character_study  Pairing:Elizabeth/Darcy  author:biichan  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
july 2015 by jenna_marianne
Never Rained like It Has Tonight (Or, Twenty Things about Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law) by Tartanshell (PG-13)
Twenty Things about Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law. There's a lot they don't tell each other. Then again, there's a lot they don't need to. (3,351 words)

Alt. Link:
fanfiction  gen  five_things  Author:tartanshell  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000  via:jenna_marianne  daredevil 
june 2015 by yarngeek
some random Fast & Furious thoughts by astolat
* I do not really have an explanation of why Mia decides to get with Brian. She seems otherwise too smart and together. For everyone else in these movies, really. Unless she just is overcome by the pretty, which admittedly is substantial. On a meta level I get a bit weirded out (although it is very slashy of course) how the movies totally use her to triangulate Dom and Brian and in particular how her relationship/pregnancy are essentially what make Brian officially part of Dom's family and how it is made so much about the two of them -- I mean, she doesn't even get to tell Brian, she tells BOTH of them at the same time, in order to, er, keep them together, and -- IDK, maybe she just wants a threesome with her brother and her hot boyfriend, and if so I salute her choices.

* Dom and Letty's relationship on the other hand is totally right and makes almost TOO MUCH sense for the movies, it is strangely mature, and really the only implausible bit is in FF6 where she for some reason stays with Owen Shaw who is clearly a complete asshole and doesn't give a crap about her despite the fact that Dom is basically following her around with giant hearteyes like a very deep-voiced puppy.
via:blueMeridian  meta  five_things  fandom:Fast_and_the_Furious  author:astolat 
june 2015 by jenna_marianne
so there's this movie i saw by ignipes
43 things I love about Mad Max: Fury Road and it's only stopping at 43 because I have to go run errands now. SPOILERS. (2,266 words)
via:norwich36  review  meta  five_things  fandom:Mad_Max  Author:ignipes  wc:001001-005000 
may 2015 by jenna_marianne
13 Post-Apocalyptic Stories That Actually Teach Valuable Lessons
A lot of post-apocalyptic tales look really awesome with their explosions and rotting monsters, but they don't have a lot of philosophical depth. Here are 13 stories about armageddon that actually teach valuable lessons about the real world — and its demise.

What's interesting about some of these stories is that they are about anticipating a post-apocalyptic world, or moving through many stages of apocalypse — perhaps it's the long view in them that allows their creators to pull lessons out of an apocalyptic scenario.
meta  five_things  post-apocalyptic  fandom:Dollhouse  fandom:Logan's_Run  fandom:Waterworld  fandom:Postman  fandom:Mass_Effect  fandom:Foundation  fandom:Star_Trek:TNG  fandom:Hunger_Games  fandom:Zombieland 
may 2015 by jenna_marianne
Aggressive Negotiations by Lisse (PG)
AU. Five time Prince Luke Organa's diplomatic powers failed him. Takes places in the same universe as Inversion (read: Leia the farmgirl, Luke the Alderaanian prince). (630 words) // Interesting and depressing.
fandom:StarWars  gen  five_things  drama  author:Lisse  rating:pg  length:<001000  series:Inversion  via:jenna_marianne 
january 2015 by Harpijka
14 Things That Happen In "Interstellar", Ranked By Scientific Accuracy
An astrophysicist ranks parts of Interstellar, from the totally plausible to the “you’d definitely need aliens for that”
science  fandom:Interstellar  five_things  via:kellyoakes 
november 2014 by jenna_marianne
21 Things in Interstellar That Don’t Make Sense By Adam Sternbergh, Kyle Buchanan and Lane Brown
Even if you happen to have a working grasp of astrophysics, relativity, and the agronomics of corn, it’s very likely that some parts of Interstellar will leave you scratching your head.

In the run-up to the film’s release, its makers made much of their movie’s scientific accuracy, but could some of that brainpower been better put towards narrative clarity and plausible storytelling? Perhaps only future-us can shed some light on the following:

[[I disagree with some of these, but some are really good points.]]
meta  five_things  fandom:Interstellar  via:htaler 
november 2014 by jenna_marianne
A Good Old Tune Called Rocky Racoon by DistractionReaction (G)
5 times Peter sings to Groot, and one time he sings to his whole crew. (4,520 words)
"Oh.” Peter blinks and sprawls back in his chair with a sly grin. “You like my singing do you?”

“Mmm.” Groot’s leaves flutter happily and he reaches out again, tiny fingers stretching towards Quill.

Dutifully he sets his hand on the pot, allowing Groot’s tendrils to curl around his fingers. “You and I, little guy, we’re gonna to have some fun with this.”
fanfiction  fandom:Guardians_of_the_Galaxy  fluff  music/musician  five_things  eavesdropping  gen  author:DistractionReaction  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  via:prettyasadiagram 
august 2014 by jenna_marianne

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