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daisysusan: and stumble home [casey/ryan fitzgerald]
(10,925 words) He dreams about it again that night, Ryan smirking at him from across the ice on a faceoff, the blinding white and bright red lettering of his jersey familiar to Casey in a way that he doesn’t think it should be.

Ryan scores on a set play off the faceoff, the puck soaring over Joe’s raised blocker and hitting the twine with characteristic precision. The arena goes wild, the goal horn ringing in Casey’s ears as he skates back to the bench. He doesn’t turn around to see who hugs Ryan first, who screams congratulations in his ear.

BU 4 - BC 3, the scoreboard reads. PER 3. 3:47.
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march 2017 by mariannoodle
Hark, a vagrant: 197
"So, I said I would work on something with the Fitzgeralds, and here they are in all their glory, ruining each other's dreams."
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march 2010 by Vincennes

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