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RT : 's elver season begins in a week, and the global appetite for eel is as high as ever.
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5 days ago by mshook
Privatising the seas: how the UK turned fishing rights into a commodity - Unearthed
The decline of British fishing drove coastal support for leaving the EU, but many of the industry’s problems have an origin closer to home
fisheries  oceans  uk 
8 days ago by zesteur
During the Texas Chapter of the American Society meeting, Erin Nguyen (WFSC/EEB PhD student) won Best S…
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10 days ago by ebuchholtz
Operation Rock Bottom investigates Florida's aquarium trade
Aquaculture won't solve this problem. But enforcement will.
poaching  illegal  fisheries  marine  reef 
december 2018 by jntolva
Brexit is a red herring when it comes to the plight of UK fishermen | John Lichfield | Opinion | The Guardian
Small fishing companies are harmed not by the EU, but by government rules that allow big interests to corner the quotas
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  fisheries  quotas  review  UK  Guardian  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
Ep 42 - No Catch | ASHES ASHES
We've passed peak fishing and yet our catches have not let up. Can we survive a world where the seas are empty?
october 2018 by zesteur
RT : This is the collection of on I have been working on. Explore them, interact with them, l…
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august 2018 by moritz_stefaner
Let's tackle . How important are to the ? Here's the value, in millions o…
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august 2018 by crystaltu

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