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Fiskgryta med fänkål och purjo | Recept
Använd grädde+fond istället för smaksatt grädde
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yesterday by kr4d
Bringing the world together to protect life in our waters, make fisheries and aquaculture more sustainable and equitable, and preserve our planet’s future.

First organized by the US Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships in 2014, Fishackathon inspires the creation of digital solutions to address sustainable fisheries challenges.

Overfishing and other serious problems harm marine environments and can devastate already-struggling, small-scale fishing marketplaces and communities, many of them in developing countries. Protections exist, but actual enforcement faces major obstacles.

To combat this, Fishackathon brings together thousands of concerned designers, developers, and subject matter experts for a weekend to build practical tech solutions to endemic problems defined by the world’s most respected fisheries experts.

Save our waters, save our world!
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6 days ago by pgorrindo
3 Tips On How To Incorporate More Seafood Into Your Diet
If you are not someone who is not necessarily a huge seafood fan, there are all sorts of ways you can make getting your daily allotment of seafood a more manageable feat.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Nigel Slater’s roast lamb with anchovy butter recipe | Life and style | The Guardian
A three-pan/pot meal, but uses the same "sauce" for both. Only issue is where to get lamb neck fillet and lemon thyme.
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8 days ago by nyx

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