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“Progressive Victoria”: 1910 Editorial Cartoons Reveal Racist Arguments for City Expansion | Vincent's Victoria
During the term I just finished at the University of Victoria, I had the opportunity to work on a number of papers related to my interest in urban studies. It was amazing to realize this term how every course I took emphasized local themes, probably because human experience always takes place in specific places. This…
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Senior officials warned Trudeau government of concerns that Kinder Morgan process was 'moving fast' | National Observer
The email was sent a few months after the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the former Harper government’s approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat on the northwest coast of B.C., following a legal challenge spearheaded by several First Nations, including the Gitxaala Nation, the Gitga’at Nation and the Haisla Nation, along with other non-government organizations and the labour union, Unifor. The court ruling said that the First Nations weren't adequately consulted prior to Harper's decision.

“Erin has also heard via Tim from me the pressure we’re under and some concerns post-Gitxaala that the process towards decision is moving fast and that departments are still in active response and meeting mode (in particular MPMO in its role as coordinator of a WoG approach, and TC as the regulatory lead for marine safety),” wrote the senior public servant to colleagues from the other departments.
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