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How I unwrapped the Kinder Morgan saga | National Observer
"I spoke to several public servants who described to me in vivid detail how shocked they felt about what they had been asked to do.

They were referring to a meeting in late October 2016, less than a year after the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.

A group of about two dozen had been invited to attend that meeting at a boardroom in Vancouver at a time when the government had claimed it was still reviewing the project, consulting with First Nations and trying to reach a decision about whether to approve the pipeline.

A senior government official at that meeting told them that their job was now to find a way to get the pipeline approved.

“I guess that's something that wouldn't have fazed me at all if the Harper government was still in power,” one public servant told me last April. “But given the change in government, seeing as how we were told to provide serious advice, I was rather shocked at being given that kind of direction. It's not something that I would have expected from a Liberal government.”"
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