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Ordinary Numbers by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria
More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until he got a very unusual tech support call. 12ch. -- 44,168wds. Updated: 03/10/2013

[Bookmark notes: I don't even know how many times I've read this - can't believe I forgot to bookmark it here - definitely one of my top fandom favorites.]  fandom:JamesBond  Q/Bond  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  pre-Skyfall  phone_call  Technology  HelpDesk  Banter  gifts  Pets  kitten  First_Meetings  Recovery/Healing  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  humor  char(Bond):Q  char(Bond):Bond  char(Bond):Trevelyan  completed!  HaveRead  wds:40.000+ 
june 2019 by shibela
Who'd Suspect a Hufflepuff? - KenzieMa - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After losing the war Hermione and Harry are left as two of the last alive. In a desperate bid for their survival they travel back in time to kill Tom Riddle before he makes his first horcrux. Using cunning and intelligence learned from their time at war they work to save the world before it has even begun to fall. Lucky for them, everyone overlooks the Hufflepuffs. 1ch. -- 10,207 wds. Updated: 11/26/2016  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  MainCharacterDeath  TimeTravel  family  adopt  Magic:Runes/Spells  Magical_Inheritance  Inheritance  Hufflepuff!Harry  Ravenclaw!Hermione  First_Meetings  politics  Grey!Harry  Grey!Hermione  Secret_Identity  Secret_Revealed  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
april 2019 by shibela
Wind Shear by Chilord @FF.Net
A sharp and sudden change that can have devastating effects. When a Harry Potter that didn't follow the path of the Epilogue finds himself suddenly thrown into 1970, he settles into a muggle pub to enjoy a nice drink and figure out what he should do with the situation. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended. 19ch. -- 126,280wds. Updated: 07/06/2017

**Also located at:

[While tagged for humor, it's not straight up total humor - there's a LOT of violence & gore, as was expected after reading the first chapter. Awesome read - this is definitely on my re-read list.]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  Andromeda/Ted  HP/BL  OtherPairings  fanfic  AU  EWE?  Magic:Curses  TimeTravel  Stranded/Lost  BAMF!HP  family  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  Training/Classes  Pining!Bellatrix  Banter  Personal_Epiphanies  humor  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  torture  completed!  HaveRead  wds:125.000+ 
march 2019 by shibela
Cirrus Cloud by silenceia
In which you are Acacia Potter who becomes Skull de Mort and makes tons of awesome friends along the way. Almost completely angst-free, isn't that great? 2nd person POV, fem!Harry-is-Skull Chapters: 12 - Words: 35,930 - Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Also located:

[Note to readers: A bit OOC on Potter-front, but still a mostly hilarious read. Also, it is a WIP & might stay that way - still worth reading for the humor.]  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:KHR  NoShip  fanfic  AU  EWE?  GenderBender  Fem!Harry  Skull!Harry  Other_Occupations  First_Meetings  Secret_Identity  pranks  Secret_Revealed  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:35.000+ 
december 2018 by shibela
Grim Hunt by ashmanonar
Sirius Black is on the loose! Who better to hunt him down than the only practicing Wizard Private Investigator in Chicago. But nothing is ever simple for Harry Dresden...
Chapters: 5 - Words: 24,809 - Updated: Oct 17, 2012  fandom:Dresden  crossover  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  case!fic  pre-PoA  First_Meetings  completed!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+ 
november 2018 by shibela
Dauntless by Tsume Yuki
Seq. to 'Valiant.'

Hariel Potter and Bucky Barnes have been travelling together for nearly a year now, and between dodging the remains of HYDRA, attempting to find lost memories and trying to figure out just what they are to each other, there's never a dull moment. Especially when they end up playing hero along the way. FemHarryxBucky, Sequel to Valiant (Some smut)

2ch. -- 18,357wds. Updated: 12/17/2015  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  fandom:Capt.America  Bucky/HarryP.  fanfic  AU  Het  Fem!Harry  GenderBender  OtherDimension  sleep/nap-time  Cuddling/Snuggling  First_Meetings  Protective!Bucky  road-trip  Camping  Other_Occupations  Healing  Holiday:Christmas  Birthday_Celebration  Pictures/Camera  smut  s:Valiant  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
february 2017 by shibela
GFY - hiddenlongings - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
I hope that we can all come to an agreement to treat this as either a drug induced nightmare or a collective hallucination.

1ch. -- 2,014wds. Updated: 12/03/2016  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  crossover  fandom:Dresden  NoShip  Dresden/Marcone  fanfic  AU  First_Meetings  OtherDimension  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
january 2017 by shibela
He’s Not Paid Enough to Deal with This Shit - janonny - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
One of the first things John did was to write up step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a proper job interview before handing it over to Mycroft for his perusal. There were no kidnapping, deserted car parks or stolen therapy notes anywhere on that list.

(Or the one where John returned from the war and ended up working for Mycroft as his personal assistant slash doctor on retainer. Everything was fine, until he was sent to post bail for one Sherlock Holmes.) 1ch. -- 9,828wds. Updated: 01/07/2013  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  AU  slash  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
december 2016 by shibela
Spin Into Gold by perspi
If only his braggart father could have kept his mouth shut -- but no, then he'd never have met Danny. 1ch. -- 5,307wds. Updated: 07/26/12 ***Also located at:  archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  fairy_tales  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
The Co-operative by jimandblair (aka Sealie)
No summary given by the author, but....

A sort-of canon-divergence in that while none of the main characters are in law enforcement & have gone into other professions (although Steve is still a SEAL), circumstances bring them together (some of them to live under the same roof) that very lightly follow Canon of the H5-0 show (2010).

Basic plot is that Danny is forced to find new accommodations after his apartment (and almost all of his possessions) goes up in flames. Those accommodations he does find are run by Steve for artists that contribute or will contribute to Hawaii. Neither Danny nor Steve are aware that events captured on film will lead to a month of action & intrigue requiring visits from the fire department & the local police department, not to mention the several visits to the hospital for them both, among other things. 44ch. -- 120,277wds. Updated: 07/21/12

***NOTE: Updated weekly. Also....There's a slight hiccup in the link to the next chapter at the end of Chapter 40. Chapter 41 link: . The entire story is tagged at:
archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  NoShip  Steve/Danny  Chin/Malia  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  disability  deaf  Other_Occupations  Pictures/Camera  First_Meetings  Moving/New_Home  Domesticity/Life-at-Home  case!fic  hospital  Recovery/Healing  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:120.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
How to Build a Heart out of Ashes by Teumessian
In an AU where a small number of the population become Changelings at a young age, at 17 John Watson believes he's destined for Normal life but then the Change takes him and he is sent to the Baker Institute. There he meets Sherlock Holmes. [Author's Note: Warnings for the whole story: general adult themes, swearing, mentions of child abuse, drug use/abuse, violence and graphic sex.] 19ch. -- 91,480wds. Updated: 06/09/12

***Also located at:

****Master Post of all things connected to this story (background info / fan questions answered, fanart, playlist):
.  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  Molly/Lestrade  OtherPairings  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  School!AU  First_Meetings  psychic_powers  creature  Transformation!Fic:Animal_Shifter  wolf  panther  bonds/soul_mates  case!fic  Panic_Attacks  Abuse  Sex_Abuse  Insomnia  Cuddling/Snuggling  sleep/nap-time  Personal_Epiphanies  hot_kisses  smut  nc17  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:90.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
Artifact Retrieval, Grimm Style by DizzyDrea
The Coins of Zakynthos pop up on Warehouse 13's radar, but artifact retrieval is never simple. Snag it, bag it, tag it hits... a snag. 1ch. -- 2,762wds. Updated: 07/08/12

[[Interesting crossover idea -- after reading it, I had wished that a bit more was done with it, but considering the premise of the crossover, what's there is enough.... now, if only they'd cross paths again. :D ]]  fandom:Warehouse13  crossover  fandom:Grimm  NoShip  fanfic  AU  First_Meetings  episode_tag:Grimm_1.13  char(W-13):Myka  char(W-13):Pete  char(Grimm):Nick  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
Harry Potter and the Elder Sect by Clell65619
When Hagrid arrives at the Potter cottage in Godric's Hollow, he finds no sign of Harry Potter. It takes five long years for Harry to be found, in the care of a distant cousin, having been dropped off by his Great Grand Mother. 3ch. -- 33,529wds. Updated: 06/21/12

[[Another interesting crossover by a favorite author -- definitely super-powered Harry, OOC to canon to a certain extent, but considering the changes wrought to canon, it's well within spec, IMO.]]  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Bewitched(TV)  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Founders  family  adopt  Training/Classes  First_Meetings  prophecy  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:30.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
Sole Survivor by Voice of the Nephilim
A plague has swept across Britain, wiping out the Muggle population. Ignorant of his heritage and the magical world, a ten year-old Harry Potter is left to fend for himself against two factions, each plotting and conspiring to find him before the other. 1ch. -- 16,141wds. Updated: 04/08/11

[[Warning: This is a bit violent & gory -- martial law gone over the edge.

As much as I wouldn't mind reading more in this 'verse, I did enjoy this by itself.]]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Apocalypse  Virus  plague  MainCharacterDeath  family  First_Meetings  pre-Hogwarts  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
never let your mark erase by in_lighter_ink
Logically, Lestrade never should have trusted the kid hanging around his crime scene. Six years after they met, he finds himself needing to remember why he had. 2ch. -- 14,530wds. Updated: 06/11/12

[[Lovely Lestrade introspective (mostly) piece -- interesting telling of his first meeting with Sherlock in the wake of Reichenbach.]]
archive:LJ  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  episode_tag:SherlockBBC_TRF  post-ReichenbachFalls  char(Sherlock):Lestrade  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  First_Meetings  case!fic  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
shadows on your cave wall byCallicoKitten
Seq. / Preq. to "Broken Wings." The first time Jessica Pearson meets Harvey Spector he’s being arrested and she’s visiting a client at a police station.

She doesn't think much of him but her daemon disagrees, Harvey's daemon speaks of greatness and that's just what Jessica needs. 1ch. -- 2,223wds. Updated: 06/11/12  fandom:Suits  NoShip  fanfic  s:Suits_Daemon!au  AU  char(Suits):Jessica  char(Suits):Harvey  char(Suits):Donna  pre-series_Suits  First_Meetings  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
Rule 520.4 by cinderella81
Rule 520.4 says that someone can work under an attorney at a law firm for a period of time that, together with the credit permitted for attendance in an approved law school, totals four years.

Mike dropped out of Columbia Law after one year to care for his grandmother. He meets Harvey and his life takes a turn he didn't expect. 1ch. -- 13,477wds. Updated: 06/13/12

[[Smooshy fic.... Characters come across 'softer', but could be believable, I suppose, due to the changed events.]]  fandom:Suits  Mike/Harvey  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  It's_A_Date  Moving/New_Home  smut  nc17  Car!Sex  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
The Wild Dance Beneath the Moon by Creyr
When Nick Burkhardt lost his parents at a young age, being exiled to the snowy Cascade Mountains with his eccentric aunt seems like the worst punishment imaginable. But his aunt is not what she seemed, and neither are some of the creatures that skulk in the woods surrounding her cabin. Nick finds himself in an unlikely friendship with a cat, an enchanted deer, and a young wolf that soothes his grief. But childhood doesn’t last forever and adult responsibilities can overwhelm even the closest of bonds. A dangerous heritage may set Nick at odds with his childhood companion, overriding the desires of his heart. --Remix of the Russian fairy tale 'Silvershod'-- 1ch. -- 35,705wds. Updated: 06/10/12  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  Nick/Juliette  fanfic  AU  slash  fairy_tales  First_Meetings  kid!fic  Grieving  Cuddling/Snuggling  sleep/nap-time  family  MainCharacterDeath  Secret_Revealed  Personal_Epiphanies  mate  hot_kisses  smut  nc17  kink:knotting  Moving/New_Home  challenge:BigBang  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:35.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
The Good Ones by stele3
In which Steve has some problems and Danny is the most over-worked, under-appreciated guardian (not-)angel in the business. Heavily AU for the first season. 2ch. -- 9,464wds. Updated: 10/06/11
archive:IJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  MainCharacterDeath  Angels  Guardian_Angel  First_Meetings  Secret_Revealed  Parenthood  Banter  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela

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