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First Person: Creating a Pipeline for Site Selection - Area Development
When it comes to site selection, constant monitoring of market trends will allow a company to balance its space with the total costs to occupy the space
area-development-features  Matt  first-person  economic-development  site-selection  real-estate  industrial-real-estate 
january 2019 by areadevelopment
Could an Ex-Convict Become an Attorney? I Intended to Find Out - The New York Times
This is a wonderful first-person account of one man’s journey from carjacking a stranger at 16 to becoming a lawyer at 36. Don’t expect a feel-good story, though, because you’re not going to get one. “Uphill battle” doesn’t begin to describe it. This paragraph isn’t representative of the article – it’s far more first-person – but it was the one that most surprised me: When I despaired, I thought about Benjamin Franklin Rayborn. J. Edgar Hoover, the former director of the F.B.I., said that Rayborn was “the most notorious bank robber since World War II.” Upon his arrest, his local paper… called Rayborn “the trigger-happy fellow with the cold, blue eyes.” Before Rayborn turned 30, he had been sentenced to life in Kentucky for a string of bank robberies; sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for being caught in a hotel room full of machine guns; led a riot against prison conditions in Kentucky; and been transferred to Alcatraz, then one of the most violent prisons in America, as punishment for his role in the riot. But by 1956, Rayborn had fashioned himself into a legal mind astute enough to successfully challenge several federal convictions and get 10 years knocked off his federal prison sentence. His next legal feat was more astonishing. Once he seemed primed for an early release, Kentucky sought to have him extradited back to state prison to serve the rest of his life sentence. Rayborn again filed suit, arguing that Kentucky, by voluntarily transferring him to Alcatraz, had relinquished any jurisdictional claims it had to his body. A judge agreed. Finally free, Rayborn, according to an acquaintance, sought a job as an accountant at General Electric. After achieving a perfect score on an exam given by the company, he was asked where he had studied accounting. Alcatraz, he told them. That disqualified him. He went on to rob another bank and returned to federal prison.
ifttt  tumblr  society  crime  punishment  rehabilitation  first-person  law  tobereviewed 
october 2018 by creature
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Vrika - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Your OC is sick with the Flu, and two super solders come to make soup and watch the Muppets. // LOL TEENIES
fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/bucky  slash  first-person 
september 2018 by as_lld_again
First Person: The Indy Region Is Getting Its Story Out - Area Development
The Indy region offers great diversity when it comes to lifestyle and the pillars of the business community.
area-development-features  Matt  first-person  indianapolis  indiana  midwest  entrepreneurship  quality-of-life 
may 2018 by areadevelopment
First Person: A 20-Year Take on the Supply Chain Revolution - Area Development
Supply chain and logistics activities have become a much more visible part of the real estate industry and crucial among developers over the past 20 years.
supply-chain  logistics  NAFTA  trade  trade-agreements  government-policy  economic-development  site-selection  area-development-features  first-person 
september 2017 by areadevelopment
First Person: Ontario’s Investment Office Is a One-Stop Information Source for Investors - Area Development
Allan O’Dette was appointed as Ontario’s first Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in April 2017. He leads the newly created Ontario Investment Office, which has both a domestic and international facing mandate to secure increased investment in key sectors while strengthening the overall competitiveness of Ontario firms.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-features  Matt  ontario  canada  central-canada  location-canada  manufacturing  workforce  FDI  first-person 
september 2017 by areadevelopment
Overwatch Cinematic Trailer | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Overwatch Cinematic Trailer Struggle for the Potential: In a time of international crisis, an global undertaking power of heroes banded with each other to restore peace to a war-torn planet. This organization, regarded as Overwatch, finished the crisis and assisted retain peace for a technology, inspiring an period of exploration, innovation, and discovery. Soon […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Movie  A  Blizzard  Entertainment  BlizzCon  cinematic  First-Person  Shooter  fps  Objective-Based  Overwatch  Team-Based  trailer 
august 2017 by wotek
First Person: Finding and Preparing the 21st Century Manufacturing Workforce - Area Development
In this interview, Fast explains how manufacturing plants can institute a strategy for excellence on the shop floor and why soft skills are as important as hard ones.
area-development-features  Matt  first-person  manufacturing  workforce  jobs  workforce-development  advanced-manufacturing  economic-development 
may 2017 by areadevelopment
First Person: TPP Will Update the Rulebook for Trade - Area Development
John Murphy, Sr. VP for International Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, recently explained to Area Development’s editor why trade agreements are important for the U.S. economy and discussed the negative consequences of a retreat on trade.
area-development-features  Matt  first-person  trade-agreements  manufacturing  jobs 
november 2016 by areadevelopment
Luckiest Fucking Size Queen Alive - loveglowsinthedark - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
‘I feel so sorry for myself for not getting you to fuck me sooner,’ I sob, throwing my head back, my shoulders pressing into the mattress as he rams into my prostate. ‘Poor me.' // IT'S COMPLETELY TERRIBLE BUT I LOL'D IRL AT THAT LINE.
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  slash  first-person 
october 2016 by as_lld_again
First Person: 3D Printing’s “Disruptive” Effect on Manufacturing - Area Development
Hornick advises and educates clients about 3D printing and the IP issues of this rapidly developing and potentially disruptive technology.
area-development-features  Matt  first-person  3D-printing  manufacturing  high-tech  tech  technology 
october 2016 by areadevelopment
no matter how you sell it - Anonymous - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
bucky needs special tricks to get an erection, and steve helps him out.


that fic where bucky barnes eats steve rogers' shit.

fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/bucky  slash  first-person 
september 2016 by as_lld_again
Here's The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read To Her Attacker - BuzzFeed News
A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge. At his sentencing Thursday, his victim read him a letter describing the “severe impact” the assault had on her.
article  topic:sexual.assault  first-person  topic:sentencing  graphic 
june 2016 by thatspotonthe_t
The New World Order - TheElvesAlwaysStealTheShow - The Walking Dead (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Guys, I don't know what I'm doing. LOL This is just for funzies! ;D
Sorry if it sucks.
Oh, and FYI, I'm not a smut writer. If you're just here looking for that, you're in the wrong place. I might throw it in where it fits, but just to write a sloppy scene for hits, nope, not my style. o:

fandom:walkingdead  pairing:negan/oc  het  WIP  first-person 
may 2016 by as_lld_again

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