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Eight months after discovery, unkillable LoJax rootkit campaign remains active | Ars Technica
Control servers for Fancy Bear's UEFI-burrowing malware still responding to pings.
Last May, researchers published a bombshell report documenting sophisticated malware attributed to the Russian government. The malware, dubbed "LoJax," creates a persistent backdoor that survives operating system reinstalls and hard drive replacements. On Wednesday, researchers published new findings that indicate the campaign remains active.
LoJax in May became the first known case of a real-world attack harnessing the power of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface boot system found in virtually all modern Windows computers. As software that bridges a PC’s firmware and its operating system, UEFI is essentially a lightweight operating system in its own right. That makes it a handy place to hide rootkits because once there a rootkit will remain in place even after an OS is reinstalled or a hard drive is replaced.
privacy  security  firmware  malware  rootkit  russia 
4 days ago by rgl7194
First UEFI malware discovered in wild is laptop security software hijacked by Russians | Ars Technica
“LoJax” repurposed LoJack anti-theft agent as rootkit that could survive OS re-installs.
ESET Research has published a paper detailing the discovery of a malware campaign that used repurposed commercial software to create a backdoor in computers’ firmware—a “rootkit," active since at least early 2017 and capable of surviving the re-installation of the Windows operating system or even hard drive replacement. While the malware had been spotted previously, ESET’s research is the first to show that it was actively attacking the firmware of computers to establish a tenacious foothold.
Dubbed “LoJax,” the malware is the first case of an attack leveraging the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot system being used in an attack by an adversary. And based on the way the malware was spread, it is highly likely that it was authored by the Sednit/Fancy Bear/APT 28 threat group—the Russian state-sponsored operation tied by US intelligence and law enforcement to the cyber-attack on the Democratic National Committee.
privacy  security  firmware  malware  rootkit  russia 
4 days ago by rgl7194
Lessons from Running a Small-Scale Electronics Factory in my Guest Bedroom, part 1: Design –
Nick Price put together 200+ boards for the 26th DEF CON conference, and hit a few hiccups along the way. For posterity (and to help others design their own PCBs), he compiled a list of some helpful tips he came up with after the fact. And while these are useful for anyone putting together a small handmade batch of boards, they have implications for industrial manufacturing as well. (1)Cut some holes in your boards (2)Add proper programming and debugging interfaces (3)Align all of your pin headers to be on the same 0.1″ grid (4)Think about component dimensions (5)Eliminate as many assembly steps as possible (6)Rename your components once your board layout is finalized (7)Add a test cycle to your firmware.
maker  pcb  design  manufacturing  firmware  lessonslearned 
6 days ago by dlkinney
vortex race 3 75% keyboard - manual and firmware
firmware  documentation  mechanical-keyboards 
8 days ago by dylansm
kinX: Keyboard Hacking - YouTube
At 7:36 in this video, Michael Stapelberg (of the Stapelberg controller fame) talks about a reverse-engineered version of the Kinesis firmware that apparently resolves the stuck-modifier bug.

Also, the bits around 10m:00s have some great bits on latency. (Interestingly enough, he also mentions that USB up until version 3 didn’t have any interrupts—it worked solely through polling.)
keyboards  stapelberg  firmware  video  youtube  2018  kinesis  latency 
8 days ago by handcoding
Some additional information about Kobo eReader. Including different versions of the firmware.
kobo  hints  howto  firmware 
12 days ago by taffit
Kobo Firmware Downloads
Firmware downloads for Kobo eReader, also the older ones.
firmware  list  ereader  kobo 
12 days ago by taffit
Tesla Model 3 Performance Track Mode (Release Version): Ludicrous Handling - Motor Trend
Randy Pobst 'tunes' a Tesla Model3 to do Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and Porsche Cayman GT5 and 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia track times
EV  tesla  model3  cars  trackmode  firmware 
14 days ago by fbotha
GitHub - christinaa/rpi-open-firmware: Open source VPU side bootloader for Raspberry Pi.
Open source VPU side bootloader for Raspberry Pi. Contribute to christinaa/rpi-open-firmware development by creating an account on GitHub.
rpi  firmware 
14 days ago by po
Teals autopilot HW3 | Tesla Motors Club
Verygreen disects autopilot HW3 features mentioned in firmware released recently (when AP2.5 is the latest)
tesla  autonomous-driving  autopilot  EV  cars  firmware 
16 days ago by fbotha

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