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Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B (or 3B+).
Commodore 1581 emulation supported since V1.13!
The software is free and I have endeavored to make the hardware as simple and inexpensive as possible.
c64  hardware  pi1541  firmware 
yesterday by lobstatic
GitHub - ReFirmLabs/binwalk: Firmware Analysis Tool
"Binwalk is a fast, easy to use tool for analyzing, reverse engineering, and extracting firmware images."
reverse-engineering  binary  development  cli  firmware 
11 days ago by jkp
Fronius Software version: V3.10.3-1
General Notes

When using an update with software version 3.0.1-1 or older, the update process can be interrupted displaying
the following error message:
„Updater could not be started ! Code 2“
In this case try again to start the update.

This error has been corrected in the actual software and will not occure at coming updates anymore.

Software version: V3.10.3-1

Fixed bugs:
- The time synchronization now always works if the setup wizard has been completed
Fronius  firmware  changelog 
12 days ago by coffeebucket
Galzai/MK32: Keyboard firmware for ESP32 microcontrollers
MK32 is a BLE keyboard firmware for ESP32 Microcontrollers,designed to be relativley easily customizable.
Please refer to the MK32 Wiki page for information about building your own keyboard.
keyboard  firmware  esp32 
16 days ago by junya
FYI for anyone wanting HTML5 KVM on Supermicro A1SRi-2758F | ServeTheHome and ServeThe.Biz Forums
There isnt a lot of solid information around on getting HTML5 KVM on the Supermicro A1SRi-2758F boards (to get rid of the horrible Java KVM). But for anyone wanting to do the same, I can confirm that you can use the BMC firmware "" from Supermicros site to update the BMC on A1SRi-2758F to get HTML5 KVMs. It isnt specifically listed as a working combination anywhere but there was enough evidence that I gave it a try and it worked.
Supermicro  ServeTheHome  firmware  BIOS  IPMI  BMC  KVM 
17 days ago by coffeebucket
In Groundbreaking Decision, Feds Say Hacking DRM to Fix Your Electronics Is Legal - Motherboard
The Librarian of Congress and US Copyright Office just proposed new rules that will give consumers and independent repair experts wide latitude to legally hack embedded software on their devices in order to repair or maintain them. This exemption to copyright law will apply to smartphones, tractors, cars, smart home appliances, and many other devices.
copyright  maker  embedded  firmware  legal 
17 days ago by dlkinney

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