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The Re-Wired Group
Michigan-based #JTBD consultancy serves a wide spectrum of clients, focused on #JTBD for #innovation #product #development #cx
jtbd  consulting  firm  michigan  innovation  product  design  customer  user  experience  Research  csr19 
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IndieVest Attracts Indie-Film Investors With Reduced-Risk Model
Independent #indie #film production company follows a different #investor model to mitigate risk #indievest
indie  film  finance  investment  company  firm  model  subscription  production  19eyz  2009  distribution 
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Top 5 Best Custom Software Development Companies in Chicago, IL 2019 : Sponsored : Tech Times
Weakened by not disclosing selection criteria, so it seems like opinion #chicago #enterprise #software
software  development  firm  rank  chicago  2019  Q1  list  description 
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Gathering Evidence to Improve Refugee Assistance - Social Impact
Analyst firm evaluates effectiveness of refugee & forced migration support programs
19eyz  thinktank  analyst  firm  syria  refugee  government  reference  usa  ngo 
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see wood finish walls and screens for WT
design  firm  ideas  WT  wood 
17 days ago by Dexxx
Global Ticketing Firm Eventbrite Launches in Singapore
In its inaugural launch in Asia, global ticketing and event technology platform Eventbrite comes to Singapore as a localised service. Accessible at, the platform provides an avenue for event organisers to gain greater reach locally with its meticulously curated local content, native checkout and payment in Singapore Dollars. With 4.9 million tickets sold in...

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Global  Ticketing  Firm  Eventbrite  Launches  in  Singapore 
20 days ago by vrzone

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