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Watch Dubai New Year 2019 fireworks in full
<a rel="nofollow" href="">Watch Dubai New Year 2019 fireworks in full</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">Watch Dubai New Year 2019 fireworks in full</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">Watch Dubai New Year 2019 fireworks in full</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>
<p>Watch Dubai New Year 2019 fireworks in full Watch as the city of Dubai celebrates the start of 2019 with a dazzling fireworks show. Get the latest headlines: Subscribe: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+ and are websites of The Daily Telegraph, …</p>
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An Oral History of the Great San Diego Fireworks Fail of 2012 - Thrillist
Suddenly everything was lit up on all four barges in a way that none of us had ever seen before. I watched it for a few minutes and thought, “This is the strangest pre-show I’ve ever seen.” None of this was discussed at any of the meetings.
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3 fireworks explosion victims in Bulacan die
BOCAUE, Bulacan – Three of the five fireworks chemical blast victims in this town have succumbed to serious burn injuries.

Bocaue Mayor Eleonore “Joni” Villanueva-Tugna said that Isaac Paraiso and Jamil Roxas, both 15-years-old, died Tuesday, while the other one, whose name is still being validated, expired Thursday.

The other victims of the Jan. 26 blast were identified as Mark Joseph Ignacio, 16, and Jessie Habal and John David Yambao, both 15.

“The victims were said to be cracking a coconut in an abandoned shanty in Barangay Lolomboy when an abandoned pile of fireworks chemicals ignited, causing serious burn injuries to their bodies,” the mayor said.

Villanueva-Tugna said the municipal government of Bocaue will extend financial help for the medical expenses of the surviving victims and burial expenses for those who have already died.
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Police: Winchester man started fireworks store blaze with stolen gun
An affidavit filed in Cheshire County Superior Court provides additional details in the case of a Winchester man accused of discharging a shotgun that police say ignited a fire at the Stateline Fireworks store in town in September.

Joseph E. Champagne, 75, was arrested month on several charges in connection with the incident. Among other information included in the affidavit by Winchester police Detective Michael Carrier is Champagne’s contention that the gun fired when he tripped over the edge of a carpet.

Winchester firefighters were called to Stateline Fireworks at 151 Keene Road (Route 10) at about 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 24 in response to a fire alarm. The two-alarm fire engulfed the inside of the store with flames, smoke and exploding fireworks within 48 seconds, according to fire officials.

The joint investigation of the state fire marshal’s office, the Winchester Fire Department and the Winchester Police Department determined a round from a 12-gauge shotgun had ignited the fireworks inside, according to a news release from the state agency on Dec. 14.
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DOH: Firecracker-related injuries now up to 43
Three more cases of firecrackers-related injuries have been reported by the Department of Health (DOH) on Saturday, bringing the total number of such injuries to 43.

The total figure is 51 percent lower compared to the same period last year, and 75 percent lower than the five-year average, the DOH noted in its latest report.

The three new cases were from Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley, and Bicol Region.

The DOH said that of the 43 cases, 41 injuries were due to exploding firecrackers while the remaining two cases were firecracker ingestion. The cases of firecracker ingestion involved a 3-year-old girl from Valenzuela City on Dec. 21; and a 6-year-old boy from Tondo, Manila on Dec. 25. Both of them were discharged from the hospital.

Majority of the victims were males. The youngest victim was 2-years-old and the oldest is 69-years-old, the DOH said.

Twenty-four individuals sustained blast injuries without amputation, five sustained blast injuries that resulted in the amputation of the affected limbs, while 14 sustained eye injuries.
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Unseen firework in Saint Petersburg, the warehouse caught fire with fireworks (VIDEO)
The fire occurred in a warehouse with fireworks in St. Petersburg.

It is reported by TASS, citing a source in estradnyh services.

In Russia, in St. Petersburg there was a fire in a warehouse with fireworks in St. Petersburg. “In a warehouse in Chemical alley in the centre of Petersburg there was a fire in a warehouse with fireworks” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The fire is assigned the increased rank of difficulty. As explained a source in the emergency services, information on victims did not arrive.

Residents of houses located within a radius of one kilometer from the burning warehouse with pyrotechnics in Saint-Petersburg evacuated. “Residents of houses at a distance of one kilometer from the fire evacuated,” – said the Agency interlocutor.
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