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Make your web layouts bust out of the rectangle with the Firefox Shape Path Editor - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
The shape of your elements can be controlled with just two CSS properties: shape-outside and clip-path.

The shape-outside property changes the way content flows outside of a floated DOM element. It affects layout, not drawing. The clip-path property changes the clipping boundary of how the DOM element is drawn. It affects drawing, not layout.
clipping the image of a kitten into a circular shape

The clip-path and shape-outside properties.

Because these two properties are separate, you can use one, or both, or none — to get just exactly the effect you are looking for. The good news is that both of these use the same basic-shape syntax.

Want to clip your image to be in a circle? Just use clip-path: circle(50%). Want to make text wrap around your image as if it were a circle, just use shape-outside: circle(50%). The shape syntax supports rectangles, circles, ellipses, and full polygons. Of course, manually positioning polygons with numbers is slow and painful. Fortunately there is a better way.
The Shape Path Editor

With the Shape Path Editor in Firefox 62, you can visually edit the shape directly from the CSS inspector. Open your page in Firefox, and use Firefox Developer Tools to select the element whose shape you want to modify. Once you select the element there will be a little icon next to the shape-outside and clip-path properties if you have used one of them. If not, add shape-outside and clip-path to that element first. Click on that little icon to start the visual editor. Then you can directly manipulate the shape with your mouse.
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31 minutes ago by jonippolito
Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Authentication Token を1回挟むってことか。パスワードから Token を生成できると、パスワード送られた人はトークンを作れてしまう...?
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13 hours ago by summerwind
Browser based open source web design tools. For tinkering.
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3 days ago by garrettc
Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Firefox Sync by default protects all your synced data so Mozilla can’t read it. We built Sync this way because we put user privacy first. How it works is...
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4 days ago by tonys
Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Firefox sync keeps data secure from Mozilla by using the passphrase to generate 2 keys - one authenticates to Mozilla's servers and the other is used to encrypt/decrypt *in the client*. Article discusses why they thought this approach was better for users than several alternatives used by other browsers.
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