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As made clear by the CSP spec, browser bookmarklets shouldn't be affected by CSP.

Enforcing a CSP policy should not interfere with the operation of user-supplied scripts such as third-party user-agent add-ons and JavaScript bookmarklets.

Whenever the user agent would execute script contained in a javascript URI, instead the user agent must not execute the script. (The user agent should execute script contained in "bookmarklets" even when enforcing this restriction.)

But, none of the browsers get this correct. All cause CSP violations and prevent the bookmarklet from functioning.

Though its highly discouraged, you can disable CSP in Firefox as a temporary workaround. Open up about:config and set security.csp.enable to false.
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The Pale Moon Project homepage
Pale Moon is an Open Source, Mozilla-derived web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux, focusing on efficiency and ease of use.
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Mycroft Project: Search Engine Plugins - Firefox IE Chrome
Search Engines for Firefox
Suchmaschinen für Firefox
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