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Security guard suffers burns in factory fire
BUKIT MERTAJAM: A security guard suffered burns in a fire at a factory producing plastic goods at the Permatang Tinggi Industrial Park near here early today, according to the Penang Fire & Rescue Department.

Its operations officer, Mohd Fauzi Suid, said the guard was injured as he was fleeing from the factory, where various acids for the manufacturing process were stored.

“The man was sent to the Seberang Jaya Hospital,” he said, adding that he had yet to be identified.

Mohd Fauzi said the department was alerted to the fire at 1.21am and it rushed 50 firefighters to the factory where the fire occurred at the acid storage area.

“More than 30 containers with various acids such as nitric acid, caustic soda flakes, hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric acid, Interox ST-50 and natrium hydroxide stored outside the factory building had caught fire,” he said.
Malaysia  industrial  fire  injury  acids 
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Update: Swift response of incident management team helps contain fire quickly at Interwaste
Interwaste has confirmed that a fire, not a chemical explosion, took place at their facility in Germiston on Tuesday.

Kate Stubbs, director of business development and marketing, said, “Interwaste confirms that a fire took place at one of our waste recycling facilities at around 8am this morning.

“Through the quick response of our incident management team, the fire was contained within 20 minutes, prior to the arrival of emergency services.

“Our first priority in all our operations is the safety and well-being of all employees who may be affected directly and indirectly by any incidents.

“Regrettably, four of our employees were injured by the fire this morning.”

Stubbs added that each employee received immediate medical attention from the on-site safety and first aid officers, and were subsequently transported to private medical facilities where they are receiving further treatment.
South_Africa  industrial  fire  injury  waste 
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Driving Video Games GIF by Call of Duty - Find & Share on GIPHY
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A fire broke out at Tesla's Fremont factory, but was quickly contained with no one injured
A fire broke out at Tesla's car production plant in Fremont, California Saturday night, but was contained and did not impact vehicle production.

According to The Mercury News, citing Fremont Deputy Fire Chief Amiel Thurston, the fire broke out at around 8.25 p.m. PT (11.25 p.m. ET) and started in "a 10 foot by 10 foot area containing hazardous waste in an exterior storage area." The fire was quickly contained, Thurston said.

"There’s no threat to the public at this time. The hazmat team is monitoring both the atmosphere conditions and the fire," Thurston said.
us_CA  industrial  fire  response  waste 
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3 Common Commercial Kitchen Fire Hazards
Commercial kitchen fires are more common than people realize. In order to stay safe, you need to be aware of the potential dangers that common in commercial kitchens.
commercial  kitchen  fire 
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What Well-Known Fires from History Can Teach Us Today
Here are some examples of well-known fires that happened in the past, and what they can teach us about fire protection in the present day.
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We have compiled a few essential tips for creating a rock-solid fire evacuation plan for your business!
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