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The Story of Finn
The story they hear is that of FN-2187.

He's a defector – a traitor to the First Order. He's not the first, nor will he be the last, and the First Order expects to retrieve him and end him quickly.

But that's not what happens.
Fandom:Star_Wars  gen  finn_the_defector  OC 
january 2016 by arionchan
Tomorrow (there'll be more of us)
The resistance is starting to get stormtrooper defectors. Finn helps them out.
Fandom:Star_Wars  gen  character:Finn  finn_the_defector 
january 2016 by arionchan
have you heard
It's fitting. Before he leaves, Poe kisses him long and sweet deep and tells him the story of his first meeting, a story of subterfuge and spying, hunting for information. "You're the patron saint of revolution," he says, staring at Finn with such love that Finn shivers. "You go and set them free, d'you hear me? You go look after them."
Fandom:Star_Wars  pairing:poe/finn  post_series  finn_the_defector 
january 2016 by arionchan
you'll be bright (travel safely)
Finn wakes up, figures out something new about an old friend, rescues a baby from an exploding ship, falls into a true kind of love, jumpstarts a pretty important revolution, and learns that you don't have to be in motion to be moving forward. Not in that order.
Fandom:Star_Wars  pairing:poe/finn  finn_the_defector 
january 2016 by arionchan

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