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John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship
The purpose of the Scholarship, in accordance with the clear stipulation of the Stacey’s will, is to foster high standard in the study of form, color, drawing, painting, design, and technique, as these are expressed in modes showing patent affinity with the classical tradition of Western culture.

ONLY THOSE SHOULD APPLY WHO ARE SKILLED AND DEVOTED TO THIS CLASSICAL OR CONSERVATIVE TRADITION. Types of work that DO NOT meet the qualifications for this award include anime, animation, graphic design, illustration, and photography.

In general, the recipient may use the funds granted them in any way they wish to further their art education along conservative lines, but the Committee reserves the right to make recommendations.

Award amounts vary annually and range from $500 to $5,000 per recipient.
unrestricted  Western  conservative  grant  Scholarships  FineArts 
5 weeks ago by risdgrants
Goss-Michael Foundation's MTV RE:DEFINE Award
The Goss-Michael Foundation recognizes excellence in contemporary art by a postgraduate fine arts student. Students in their final program year from the current top twenty-five fine arts programs across the globe may submit their work for consideration. There are no restrictions regarding age, gender, national origin, or artistic medium. The Award is designed to provide a bridge of financial support and meaningful connections for an emerging artist from one of the world’s premier scholastic art programs as they transition into their professional career. The winner will receive:

--$15,000 cash prize
--Solo exhibition at The Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, Texas, USA
--Opportunity to participate in one of the annual MTV RE:DEFINE auction events
exhibition  grant  competition  FineArts 
december 2018 by risdgrants
Word of Mouth
Words of Mouth is a weekly newsletter, sent most Mondays at 8:30pm EST. It shares opportunities for employment and support across design, the arts, tech, non-profits, architecture, and urbanism.
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september 2018 by risdcareers
RISD Museum Dorner Prize
RISD students are invited to submit Dorner Prize proposals for temporary, site-specific projects at the RISD Museum. This artistic intervention can take the form of a physical, digital, or programmatic encounter, and can examine, critique, or celebrate the Museum’s collections, architectural idiosyncrasies, habits of visitation, and or/web presence.
grant  grants  RI  art  Student  museum  InstallationArt  FineArts  Sculpture  Glass  Ceramics  digitalmedia  Painting 
september 2017 by risdgrants
The Walter Feldman Fellowship for Emerging Artists
he Walter Feldman Fellowship for Emerging Artists supports the careers of young artists through the experience of a solo exhibition and provides them with curatorial support, as well as expert counsel in marketing and business skills needed to fully leverage this opportunity. The Fellowship is open to artists working in 2D media other than photography who are under the age of 40 and have yet to have their first solo exhibition.
EmergingArtist  emerging  grant  exhibition  RI  Massachusetts  CT  MA  NH  FineArts  Painting  Illustration 
june 2017 by risdgrants
Walter Feldman Artist Fellowship for Emerging Artists
The Walter Feldman Fellowship for Emerging Artists supports the careers of young artists through the experience of a solo exhibition and provides them with curatorial support, as well as expert counsel in marketing and business skills needed to fully leverage this opportunity. The Fellowship is open to artists working in 2D media other than photography who are under the age of 40 and have yet to have their first solo exhibition.
EmergingArtist  Fellowship  Grants  FineArts 
june 2017 by risdcareers
World Art Group
With over 45,000 images in our collection, World Art Group has earned its stellar reputation by creating beautiful, unique, high-quality wall décor. We are known for offering flexibility and going the extra mile to please our customers. Browse our images to see the wide range of styles we offer – from traditional hand-colored and embellished art to contemporary giclee and poster prints. We also offer the latest in print-on-demand technology, so virtually any image in our catalog can be printed on canvas or paper and custom-sized or colored to suit your individual needs.
Licensing  FineArts  Freelance  Painting  Illustration  Photography  TextileDesign 
may 2017 by risdcareers
Creative Tech Week
From VR, 3D printing and hackathons to fashion tech, data visualization, digital art, interactive installations and STEAM, Creative Technology is front and center in innovation success stories across the corporate and non-profit landscape.
Creative Tech Week, held from May 12 to 21, 2017 in New York City, is a crowdsourced festival created to showcase the cutting-edge research, art, media, and community initiatives being generated in the field of creative technology.
FineArts  Design  Technology  conference  NY  NewYorkCity  DigitalMedia  InstallationArt  Sculpture  GraphicDesign  IndustrialDesign 
may 2017 by risdcareers
Brush Creek Artist Residency
Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts offers time and space for artistic exploration through immersion in the extraordinary beauty of the West. Located on 30,000 acres of scenic splendor at the base of the Medicine Bow National Forest outside of Saratoga, Wyoming, the camp is situated right next to Brush Creek, in between the Sierra Madre and Snowy Mountain ranges.

Writers, visual artists, performance artists, musicians and composers are encouraged to apply for our two and four week artist residency programs, complete with lodging, meals, working facilities and incredible natural beauty. Priority will be given to the applicants applying for four week residency programs. Residents are at liberty to structure their own time and activity while on a creative retreat. Whether solitude or social engagement is inspiring, the opportunities for creative enrichment are endless at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.
residencies  Environment  Wyoming  NationalForest  FineArts  CreativeInquiry 
march 2017 by risdgrants
American Austrian Foundation/Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts
Each year, The AAF/Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts offers US fine arts graduate students, or those who have completed their graduate studies within the past two years, the opportunity to study at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Austria.

This particular international experience gives young artists not only the opportunity to study with well-known and respected international artists from around the world, but also the chance to immerse themselves in a program that is both rich in cultural tradition and academically challenging.

Up to four Seebacher Fine Arts fellows are selected annually by a jury of artists and arts professionals, chaired by the Summer Academy's Director, Dr. Hildegund Amanshauser. Fellows are invited to attend a specific course at the Summer Academy and participate in daily classes for two to five weeks, depending on the length of the course selected, studying with distinguished international artists such as Felix Gmelin, Amelie von Wulffen, Ellen Harvey, and Norbert Bisky.

The fellowship covers tuition to one Summer Academy course, $1,000 for travel expenses, accommodation at Schloss Arenberg, and a small stipend.
Austria  FineArts  International  summer  Study 
march 2017 by risdgrants
DIS Magazine
DIS is a New York-based collective composed of Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso and David Toro. Its cultural interventions are manifest across a range of media and platforms, from site-specific museum and gallery exhibitions to ongoing online projects. Most notably these include, DIS Magazine, co-founded with Nick Scholl, Patrik Sandberg and S. Adrian Massey III in 2010 as a virtual platform that examines art, fashion, music and culture, constructing and supporting new creative practices.
FineArts  ApparelDesign  TextileDesign  Music  Painting  Sculpture  ceramics  Photography  Blogs  blog  Magazines  Best 
december 2016 by risdcareers
Launched in 2010, Colossal is a Webby-nominated blog that explores art and other aspects of visual culture. Colossal won the Utne Media Award for Arts Coverage in 2013. Each week you’ll find 15-25 posts on photography, design, animation, painting, installation art, architecture, drawing, and street art. Colossal is also a great place to learn about the intersection of art and science as well as the beauty of the natural world. There are frequently posts about things far out in left field, but generally Colossal is a reminder that in the digital age there are still countless people making incredible work with their bare hands.
Magazines  Best  FineArts  Photography  Illustration  Sculpture  ceramics  DigitalMedia  FurnitureDesign 
december 2016 by risdcareers
Design Milk
Ready for your daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!)? An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world. Drink up!
Architecture  FineArts  InteriorArchitecture  FurnitureDesign  Technology  DigitalMedia  Sculpture  Painting  Glass  GraphicDesign  LandscapeArchitecture  Magazines  Best 
december 2016 by risdcareers
Arthur Ross Awards
Each year, the Arthur Ross Jury selects five recipients for awards from among the following categories:
Artisanship · Craftsmanship
Community Design · Civic Design · City Planning
Fine Arts: Painting · Sculpture · Mural Design · Rendering · Photography
History · Journalism · Criticism · Writing · Editing · Publishing
Interior Design
Landscape Design · Gardening
The awards honor lifetime achievement, a career, or a body of work. The exceptions are for the categories of “Patronage” and “Stewardship” where single works may be honored.
In Fine Arts, the body of work should have been created in association with architectural projects, be related to design and placemaking, or be a depiction of the built environment.
architecture  award  awards  design  FineArts 
november 2016 by risdgrants
Arteles Residency
Our residency programs bring together creative minds & professionals from all over the world. Located in the scenic landscapes of Hämeenkyrö, Finland, the residency serves as the perfect platform to explore and expand the boundaries of your art & mind.
residencies  Finland  FineArts  International 
september 2016 by risdgrants
RI Creative Job Hub connects Rhode Island employers with job-seekers in the arts & culture industry. The site is dedicated to providing a database for employers to post jobs and for job-seekers to search jobs in the arts, cultural and creative fields in Rhode Island!
JobBoards  Best  RI  design  finearts 
july 2016 by risdcareers
RT Learn the positive of photo negatives with Vera Lutter at MFAH.
Photography  FineArts  from twitter
february 2016 by mvlprovider
RT Learn the positive of photo negatives with Vera Lutter at MFAH.
Photography  FineArts  from twitter
february 2016 by mvlprovider

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