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MOBI Videos - MOBI @ SCU
Videos that go along with Santa Clara University's My Own Business training program, includes sales and marketing, business growth, management & organization, business planning, financing your business
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8 days ago by jeromekatz
Precise Portions | Helping you eat well for a lifetime of health | Wefunder
Equity (via SAFE) raise for an existing nutrition business. Looks very professional. Uses a far-ranging email campaign to draw attention to the raise.
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6 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Here's Why I've Already Spent $28,000 On My 2005 Ford GT - YouTube
In this video, Doug Demuro vouches for Pentagon Federal Credit Union (around 1:43), such as for getting financing for a car. Apparently you just need to make a donation to a military charity to become a member.

“They seem to be able to finance anything.”

(Also, at around 9:45, Doug talks about getting clear film applied over the car so as to protect the paint, and that looks kinda promising. The clear film for Doug’s Ford GT ended up being about $7,000, though. So.)
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9 weeks ago by handcoding
EquityBee - Startup Ownership Starts Here
Startup Ownership Starts HereEquityBee helps startup employees get the money they need to exercise their stock options before they expire. We connect option-holders with investors who provide them with funding to unlock the value of their equity.
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9 weeks ago by shalmaneser
2015 SMALL BUSINESS CREDIT SURVEY Report on Nonemployer Firms
Pair with the 2015 report on Employer firms to get an overall picture of small business funding. 2015 was the last non employer report.
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10 weeks ago by jeromekatz
2015 Small Business Credit Survey: Report on Employer Firms - FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK
Pair this with the non employer firm report (2015 was the latest) to get details of the financing pattern of small businesses.
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10 weeks ago by jeromekatz
The False Choice Between VC and Bootstrapping
The benefits and challenges of going the VC route. And the same for the bootstrapping route. And the false choice between them. You can do both. Bootstrap until you need financing. And then, choose wisely and on good terms.
Good short article on the tradeoffs.
vcs  bootstrapping  entrepreneurship  startups  financing 
11 weeks ago by drmeme
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program has rejected 99 percent of applicants.
Under the program’s rules, borrowers can become eligible for forgiveness if they make 120 on-time monthly payments on their federal student loans while working full time in public service. This all sounds simple enough. But as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported last year, many people have gotten tripped up on PSLF’s bureaucratic details, in part because student loan servicers have often done a poor job helping them navigate it. They may end up enrolled in the wrong kind of repayment plan (borrowers essentially need to be sign up for income-based repayment) or may not have the right kind of debts (only student loans made directly by the federal government can be discharged; older loans that were issued by private banks with federal backing aren’t eligible). As a result, some borrowers spend years making payments on their debts thinking they’re making progress toward getting them discharged, when in fact they’re not.
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11 weeks ago by meemiko
Frequently Asked Questions about Finance – SBA's Office of Advocacy
The Finance FAQ sketches this full range of debt, equity, and other sources. And it provides data breakouts by industry, demographic group, the businesses’ stage of life (startup or expansion), and business size. It illustrates recent and longer-term trends in lending and equity markets.
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11 weeks ago by jeromekatz
UnitedLex, Big Deals in Hand, Sells Majority Stake to European Buyout Firm | Legaltech News
“UnitedLex has a multi-billion-dollar opportunity ahead of it, with legal services being one the few remaining verticals that is early in the penetration curve of technology, consulting, and solution delivery,” said a statement from Siddharth Patel, a Singapore-based CVC senior managing director for telecommunications, media and technology. “UnitedLex continues to innovate with game-changing engagements with the world’s leading companies. Now is the perfect time for us to provide significant capital to enhance its growth and scale, the beginnings of which we’ve already seen in its impressive financial performance, customer wins, and pipeline of opportunities.”
startup  financing  offshoring 
12 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Small Business Lending in the United States, 2016 | The U.S. Small Business Administration |
Small Business Lending in the United States, 2016 examines bank lending of $1 million or less for commercial purposes. The report covers national small business lending trends. The accompanying data tables list the top lenders providing small business loans in each state. Small business stakeholders can use the data tables to research the small business lending of banks in their states. The Data Description appendix describes the tables in detail.
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september 2018 by jeromekatz

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