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The 7 Best Places to Put Your Savings
You work hard to put your money away for the future, but where should you keep it?
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2 days ago by geglover
Fwd: 6 Tips to Find Great Deals at Garage Sales
Great tips for anyone looking for a new side hustle! (Submitted by
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2 days ago by apexmoney
Northwest Independent Church Extension - Affiliated with IFCA International
Beginning in 1958, a group of faithful pastors, concerned that many communities in the Pacific Northwest did not have independent, Bible teaching churches, determined to work together to plant churches and assist struggling churches in those communities. The result was the birth of Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE).
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2 days ago by danielcberman
Life is not the same when Bon Jovi stops you for a picture.
> Tan France was a successful entrepreneur long before he was catapulted into the spotlight on the Netflix smash hit, Queer Eye.

On being more direct than Americans:

>It works well for me to be very calm and diplomatic with our ‘heroes,’ who are the subjects of the show.

>I think they are probably willing to listen to me because I’m the only non-American and I’m a little more open about my opinions than the other guys are. Americans aren’t used to being so direct, and the truth is sometimes painful to hear. I’ve been living in America for 10 years, and my honesty has got me into trouble on countless occasions.

Great and practical take on fashion:

>The majority of my own wardrobe is made up of classic pieces that I know I can wear for 15 years because they never go out of style. I always advise people to build the classics first and then break the rules after that.

Best reason to be an entrepreneur: 😂

> Freedom is very important to me, because I hate being told what to do. I really struggled when I worked for other people, mainly because I always thought my bosses were morons. Quite honestly, I usually think I’m right, so I was destined to be an entrepreneur.

On learning all aspects of your business so you can understand things better and succeed:

> I made some stupid decisions and purchased shoes that were way too expensive, but other than that I always had a goal in mind to create a business. I took jobs and made sure that I learned as many aspects of retail and business operations as I could so that I would be able to do those jobs myself and not have to hire employees. I was no dumb-dumb.

On being smart with your money (Basically, just because you're rich, you probably shouldn't be spending money lavishly. It's better to be spend wisely and have goals.):

> Running my own business has really given me a good perspective on money. I use my money wisely.

He understood fashion was a risky business and set goals for himself that accommodated that. Then, he retired at 33.

Tan France is awesome.
interviews  financial  tanfrance  fashion  ideas 
2 days ago by rebeca
CAGR of the Stock Market: Annualized Returns of the S&P 500
The most significant pattern is this:

Over the very long run, the stock market has had an inflation-adjusted annualized return rate of between six and seven percent.
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3 days ago by rcyphers
Vast Chinese Loans Pose Risks to Developing World
China is the largest creditor in the world, funding infrastructure projects in the developing world in exchange for access to raw materials. A new study shows that the risk of a new debt crisis is significant.For some, the billions of dollars from China are a welcome contribution to helping many underdeveloped regions in Asia and Africa expand infrastructure. For others, the loans from Beijing have forced half the world into economic and political dependency on Beijing. Some have described the situation as "debt bondage," while a group of U.S. senators wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last summer warning of China's "attempt to weaponize capital."Furthermore, little is actually known about the loans. China's foreign assets are now worth $6 trillion, but outside of the government in Beijing, nobody knows much about where that money has been invested and what conditions and risks are attached. Because China doesn't completely open its books to international organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there is a lack of needed transparency, says IMF head Christine Lagarde.Whereas Western governments and multilateral organizations generally attach low interest rates and long repayment periods to their loans, China tends to impose short periods and higher rates. To ensure that the loans are paid back, the contracts guarantee Beijing a number of rights, such as access to foodstuffs, raw materials or the profits of state-owned companies in the recipient countries. Frequently, the Chinese government directs the money straight to Chinese companies that have been contracted to build airports, ports or dams, an approach that creates a closed financial loop without the involvement of a single foreign account.African rulers prefer cooperation with China in part because it isn't linked to moral stipulations like those demanded, on paper at least, by Western governments. The Chinese don't pay much attention to human rights or democratic principles and also tend to ignore environmental concerns and minimum labor standards. And they don't have too many scruples when it comes to bribing politicians.
Spiegel  China  geopolitics  financial 
12 days ago by thomas.kochi
Declare Your Own Financial Independence Day
Financial independence is not easy, but it is there for the taking with hard work and careful planning.
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12 days ago by geglover

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