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How Much Money Means You Don’t Have to Worry?
> A little struggle never really hurt anyone, but too much struggle can strangle anything. Even a 30-year relationship. My parents argued constantly about bills for the last 20 years of their relationship, maybe especially when the argument wasn’t about the bills. I watched their marriage burn until it fizzled out into two adults who lived under the same roof and only communicated through their four kids.

​> The things people forget about when they try to tell you money can’t buy happiness.

​> Really, in the end, all I want is enough money to never worry about money. I just don’t know if that amount exists.
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yesterday by jasdev
Another tax on the poor: Surrendering privacy for survival
This story is part of The Privacy Divide, a series that explores the fault lines and disparities–cultural, economic, philosophical–that have developed around digital privacy and its impact on society...

Last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal took data privacy concerns mainstream as people started to see the societal impact that misuse of their personal data could have on them. Even Facebook is now trying to rebrand itself as a privacy-focused company. But there are some people whose data privacy has been violated for decades in ways that affect their everyday lives: the poor and the marginalized. How their data is used and abused, and the harm that they suffer as a result, shows one potential future for all of us.

“Middle-class and wealthy Americans need to realize that novel surveillance techniques are typically used first on the poor,” Gilman wrote in a 2012 article. “By the time these strategies spread beyond controlling the poor, any ‘reasonable expectations’ against their use have dissolved.”
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2 days ago by Chirael
What Class Rage Feels Like - NYMag
Publishing editor talks about inherited wealth - lies and misrepresentations and how she drops friends who are subsidized esp those who pretend they aren'ts. It is infuriating. It'd be me...
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7 days ago by emmacarlson
Compound interest introduction (vidéo) | Khan Academy
vidéo expliquant les intérêts composés; À VOIR AVEC JU
9 days ago by jflachap

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