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IMF Shows Risks in China’s Debt Markets as Global Popularity Booms - WSJ
In 2017, repo borrowing was 15 times the size of average daily trading volumes in the Chinese bond market, twice as high as the peak level recorded in the U.S.
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4 hours ago by yorksranter
Angry management: The dark side of Santander’s new boss - Financial News
When Andrea Orcel was named as CEO-in-waiting at Santander last month, it was the crowning moment of a stellar six-year spell running UBS’s investment bank. Orcel, renowned as a consummate dealmaker, proved he was also a skilled operator with a knack for streamlining the business. His elevation to the top of the Spanish bank, Europe’s second largest lender, was just reward for a job well done.

But a Financial News investigation, which included interviews with a dozen current and former UBS executives, reveals another side to Orcel’s tenure at the Swiss bank, one marked by his volatile temper and a series of angry clashes with other senior staff, according to several people who worked closely with him.

Some of those who have worked with Orcel say that despite his success, his aggressive management style makes him an odd choice to lead Santander. The Spanish lender is mostly focused on retail and commercial banking, businesses where the culture is more sedate than in investment banking. Orcel is “incredibly talented — but singularly unsuited to the CEO role,” a former colleague said.
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7 hours ago by kmt
All Roads Lead To Wall Street | Dissent Magazine
Calls for unions and activists to transform Wall Street from the inside have proliferated since 2008. But when progressives organize as shareholders, their good intentions inevitably run up against a fundamental obstacle: the bottom line.
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7 hours ago by kmt
More EU Nations Flock to Gold
Yesterday, the Hungarian central bank announced it recently boosted its gold reserves 10-fold.
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22 hours ago by pankkake
How Credit Acceptance Consumed Detroit With Debt
Credit Acceptance’s main debt-collection attorney was indicted in 2005 for falsifying hundreds of court documents, claiming he’d notified consumers to appear in court when he hadn’t.
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23 hours ago by conner

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