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It might only be a couple years away. - Recession by 2020?
There’s nothing wrong with a low unemployment rate. But as workers grow scarce, wages rise, which means companies need to charge more for products and services, which generates more inflation. The Federal Reserve responds by raising interest rates, to prevent inflation from getting too high. Higher rates, in turn, depress investment and spending, stress some borrowers and cause some loan defaults. This pattern, in itself, doesn’t necessarily cause a recession. But toss in external factors such as an energy shock, an asset bubble or bad government policy and the economy can easily contract for half a year or more, which is the traditional definition of a recession.
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Six muddles about share buy-backs - Schumpeter
Stock repurchases by American firms are on the rise. So is the confusion surrounding them
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Our award-winning tools, calculators and content are created by personal finance experts and serve more than 35 million people each month.
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