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$1000 Monthly Passive Income Calculator
What can you do make $1000 a monthly passively?
4 hours ago by geetarista
Once my tax refund comes in, I will have $10,000 saved for the first time in my life. How should I invest and continue to save? : personalfinance
You would be surprised how many high net income individuals and families live beyond their means. I had one client who was raking in 350k-450k annually and he was roughly $600k in the red (he was something like 600k in assets 1.2m in debt). Now admittedly a lot of that was mortgage, but still had 6 figures worth of credit card debt.
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8 hours ago by cmananian
What Companies Are Doing With Their Savings From the Tax Law - The New York Times
The tax overhaul has prompted hundreds of employers, including at least 40 members of the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, to pass on savings to workers.
nyt  bonus  finance  employment  trump  taxes 
8 hours ago by outkast
The Limits of Limit Orders | Canadian Couch Potato
So don’t try to get clever: you’re not going to outsmart the market makers. Just get in the habit of placing marketable limit orders when you trade ETFs. A good rule of thumb is to set your limit a couple of cents above the ask when buying, or below the bid when selling. And save the haggling for the flea market.
finance  investing 
10 hours ago by rtlechow
How Warren Buffett Won His Multi-Million Dollar Long Bet
Buffett said he was willing to bet anyone $500,000 that over ten years, an S&P index fund would outperform a collection of hedge funds. An index fund, at low-risk and low-cost, neither underperforming nor overperforming the market, has been called the “most boring fund there is.” It simply follows the market’s undulations, for better or for worse. And, since it’s not actively managed, the fees are a fraction of something like a hedge fund. In Buffet’s eyes, that’s almost always a better investment than trusting the experts.
finance  investing 
10 hours ago by rtlechow
הפקדה בשקלים והמרת שקל-מט"ח ב-Interactive Brokers | עמוד 75 | פורום הסולידית
Reports ->
Statements ->
תבחר את טווח התאריכים הרלוונטי.
לאחר שיפתח לך הדוח תיגש לשדה Trades יש שם את כל פעולות ק/מ שעשית (כולל מט"ח) ובטבלה שם יש עמודה Comm in USD (מניח שאם מטבע הבסיס שלך שונה זה יהיה במטבע הבסיס ולא בדולר)
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14 hours ago by yevgenyd

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