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"We are the industry pioneer and leader in bringing employer student loan contributions to market at scale".
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yesterday by cyberchucktx
Like Mint &c, but syncs financial data to Google Sheets instead of a web app. I'm a huge fan of Sheets: it's a far more powerful product than you'd think, with strong scripting support and a pretty easy API. Using it for my own financial analysis seems perfect, looking forward to giving this a try.
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yesterday by jacobian
French bookshops revolt after literary prize long-lists Amazon selection | The Independent
Booksellers in France have been left outraged after a novel distributed only by Amazon was included in the long-list for one of the country's most prestigious literary prizes. Independent bookstores have called on literary judges to “defend books and not those who threaten them” after Marco Koskas’ Bande de Français was included in a long-list of seven essays and 17 novels competing for the Prix Renaudot.
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2 days ago by asaltydog
Why AutoNation is teaming up with Fair
Through Fair, which launched in August 2017, consumers can use a mobile-phone app to shop for used-vehicle leases with no term. They scan their licenses to get prequalified for a range of monthly payments that include maintenance, a warranty, insurance and roadside assistance. Rather than stick to a two- or four-year lease term, with five days' notice, customers can return their vehicles whenever they want.
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2 days ago by automotive

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