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USAFacts | Non-partisian Government Data
Our nation, in numbers. USAFacts provides a comprehensive, nonpartisan view of the state of our union.
america  data  economics  studies  politics  finance  references 
3 hours ago by Kjaleshire
How to Get a Living Will and Last Will & Testament Forms
How to Get a Living Will and Last Will & Testament Forms. While it may be difficult to think about the end of our lives, most people should consider creating documents that specify their health care wishes and that create health care and...
practicalities  finance 
7 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Inside the Strange Yet Profitable World of Retail Arbitrage - MEL Magazine
Turns out, clearing out a Target or Walmart, then reselling it all on Amazon, can make you enough money to pay off your house
arbitrage  finance  retail  weird 
8 hours ago by whip_lash
How McDonald's Works | HowStuffWorks
That all changed in 1956 when he hired Sonneborn, who convinced him that the real money was in real estate. Sonneborn's idea was to have the McDonald's company lease a plot of land and the building for each restaurant. The company would then sublease to the franchisee who would run the restaurant. Sonneborn further developed the plan to eventually take out mortgages to own both the building and the land. [source: Love]. Kroc soon established the Franchise Realty Corp. to find willing landowners.
finance  money  strategy  business  history  capitalism 
10 hours ago by kmt
Safety Deposit Boxes - Dublin, Ireland - Only Certified Vaults in Ireland with SDF
Safe Deposit Box rental in Dublin Ireland from less than €4 per week. Unlimited access and open 7 days a week in Dublin City Centre.
banking  finance  security  gold  safety  deposit  boxes  dublin  ireland 
19 hours ago by asaltydog

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