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Top Media TODAY story: : 'Here's the Teaser Trailer for VII Remake that was in…
FinalFantasy  from twitter
13 days ago by LibrariesVal
RT : Here's the Teaser Trailer for VII Remake that was introduced just now at .

Most of the p…
FinalFantasy  StateofPlay  from twitter_favs
14 days ago by jesseatkinson
RT : XII The Zodiac Age comes with a beautiful reversible cover, featuring new art, just for the One…
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4 weeks ago by Sabas
This limited-time drink flavor for X/X-2 at is delicious, kupo!

Why didn't they c…
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7 weeks ago by richardy
Who do you like more cloud or sephiroth 🤔
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february 2019 by richardy
Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
A playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Games Store on January 10, 2012, in North America and on January 11, 2012, in Europe. The demo is free to download and requires 1.778 GB of free space for the PlayStation 3, and 1.29 GB for Xbox 360. [This demo does not appear on any OPM UK demo discs.]
FinalFantasy  Demos  PS3  PlayStation3  SquareEnix  2009  Gaming  VideoGames 
january 2019 by dk33per
Final Fantasy XIII demo | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
The only playable Final Fantasy XIII demo that was released to the public was bundled Japan-exclusively with the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. The Final Fantasy XIII demo takes as much as 5.09GB of space on the blu-ray disc, which may be why it or any other playable demo was never released outside of Japan as a download-only feature, although Square Enix considered this at some point.
FinalFantasy  Demos  PS3  PlayStation3  SquareEnix  2009  Gaming  VideoGames 
january 2019 by dk33per
Enter 's tournament tomorrow, December 19th! and compete to win!…
FinalFantasy  Dissidia  playDFFNT  from twitter_favs
december 2018 by richardy
fic_promptly | Monday: Animal Noises
Final Fantasy Series, The Moogles, "Kupo!" can mean a lot of different things.
2018/08  FinalFantasy  Lonely 
december 2018 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Monday: Crossovers
Stargate Atlantis/any Final Fantasy game, Team Sheppard + any FF team, Team Sheppard gates into the Final Fantasy game of the author's choice, and can't get back unless they join forces with the game's cast to fight the big bad
2018/07  StargateAtlantis  FinalFantasy  Lonely  Crossover 
december 2018 by fic_promptly
RT : Join us as we look back on five years of with a collection of developer interviews on the port…
FFXIV  FinalFantasy  from twitter
november 2018 by Sabas
Tactics: The War of the Lions is up to 70% off now on the App Store and on Google Play!

App Store 👇…
FinalFantasy  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by richardy
⚪ Lightning Returns

are all coming to One as backward compatible ti…
FFXIII-2  FinalFantasy  Xbox  FFXIII  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by richardy

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