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RT : Andrew Linden & my latest piece on : 's failure to tackle bank st…
final  Hayne  BankingRC  report  from twitter
12 days ago by jod999
linkedin/dexmaker: A utility for doing compile or runtime code generation targeting Android's Dalvik VM
A utility for doing compile or runtime code generation targeting Android's Dalvik VM - linkedin/dexmaker
mockito  dexmaker  mock  final  test  android 
18 days ago by lgtout
Mocking AndroidTest in Kotlin – ProAndroidDev
Release allopen annotation. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
kotlin  mock  open  final  class  allopen  test  android 
18 days ago by lgtout
tmurakami/dexopener: An Android library that provides the ability to mock your final classes on Android devices.
An Android library that provides the ability to mock your final classes on Android devices. - tmurakami/dexopener
dexopener  dex  android  mock  instrumentation  test  final  library  kotlin  open  alternatives 
27 days ago by lgtout
Mocking Kotlin classes with Mockito — the fast way – 21 Buttons Engineering
Mockito can’t mock final classes and, by default, all classes in Kotlin are final. Let’s see how to workaround this issue without any speed decrease.
mockito  kotlin  final  workaround  fix 
27 days ago by lgtout

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