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Brad Wilson: ASP.NET MVC 3 Service Location, Part 4: Filters
Adding Dependency Injection to Filters
A filter provider is responsible to returning instances of filter objects to the MVC framework, so it's responsible for ensuring that dependency injection is properly observed, whenever possible.

One place where dependency injection has been difficult in the past is inside the filter attributes themselves. Because the .NET framework runtime is actually responsible for creating these attribute instances, we cannot use a traditional dependency injection strategy.

The Unity container is capable of providing non-constructor injection on existing object instances. Here is an example filter provider that overrides the default behavior of the FilterAttributeFilterProvider to enable property setter injection on filter attributes:
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yesterday by vegarev
Documentation — tynt v0.0.dev33
tynt is a super lightweight package containing approximate transmittance curves for more than five hundred astronomical filters, weighing in at just under 150 KB. Depends only on numpy and astropy.
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4 weeks ago by deprecated
Writing Adblock Plus filters
The options described in this section should be enough for users who have to create a filter occasionally.
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5 weeks ago by Marsorbit
How to Choose an Air Purifier to remove Traffic Pollutants
Meta Description Howtochooseanairpurifiertoremovetrafficpollutants
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8 weeks ago by mifepba

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