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latex - Pandoc markdown page break - Stack Overflow
--- Return a block element causing a page break in the given format.
local function newpage(format)
if format == 'docx' then
local pagebreak = '<w:p><w:r><w:br w:type="page"/></w:r></w:p>'
return pandoc.RawBlock('openxml', pagebreak)
elseif format:match 'html.*' then
return pandoc.RawBlock('html', '<div style=""></div>')
elseif format:match '(la)?tex' then
return pandoc.RawBlock('tex', '\\newpage{}')
elseif format:match 'epub' then
local pagebreak = '<p style="page-break-after: always;"> </p>'
return pandoc.RawBlock('html', pagebreak)
-- fall back to insert a form feed character
return pandoc.Para{pandoc.Str '\f'}

-- Filter function called on each RawBlock element.
function RawBlock (el)
-- check that the block is TeX or LaTeX and contains only \newpage or
-- \newpage{} if el.format:match '(la)?tex' and content:match
-- '\\newpage(%{%})?' then
if el.text:match '\\newpage' then
-- use format-specific pagebreak marker. FORMAT is set by pandoc to
-- the targeted output format.
return newpage(FORMAT)
-- otherwise, leave the block unchanged
return nil
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