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A Day On The Set Of Fat City, John Huston's Cult Classic - Rolling Stone
Occasionally, as the furious action in the ring prompts them, this mob of six-hundred-odd tank-town lames roars its bloodthirsty approval. And the action going on in the ring is ... wait a second here ... just what in the name of Christ’s sweet body is a nice, classically trained actor like Stacy Keach doing in a creep joint like this?

Making a movie called Fat City, of course—and at this precise instant, that means he’s getting the living firk wailed out of him by one Sixto Rodriguez, an honest-to-god light heavy bruiser who once clobbered Bobo Olson to a viscous pulp and battled both Von Clay and Piro del Pappa to bruising draws
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How Neill Blomkamp and Unity are shaping the future of filmmaking - The Verge
The advantage for Oats is that the software helped streamline the studio’s filmmaking efforts. “The biggest thing for me was the cameras,” Blomkamp says. “If you’re working live-action, you have no choice but to work with what you shot six months earlier.” And if a shot comes across badly, directors are stuck with the results, unless they have the time and resources to go back and reshoot. With Unity, Blomkamp explains, he can make shot adjustments immediately. In this particular short film, he says Oats started the film with harsh overhead lighting, but later changed the position of the sun, which led to softer, more appealing visuals.
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