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The Minimalist Filmmaker
In 2013 I started a project that would change my life. I joined a few friends to make a documentary called Minimalism. We traveled around the country speaking with some of the most influential writers online, those who have inspired millions of people to change their own lives.
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june 2018 by kogakure
arthur and corinne cantrill
Film Activities and Research by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill
Arthur Cantrill, AM, and Corinne Cantrill, AM (born Sydney, Australia, 1938 and 1928 respectively) have been making 16mm films together since 1960; at first films for children and documentaries on art, interspersed with short experimental films. After working in London for four years (where Arthur Cantrill was a film editor at Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films and then at BBCTV current affairs and documentary), they returned to Australia in 1969 to take up a Fellowship in the Creative Arts at the Australian National University in Canberra during which they made several films financed by ANU, the main work being the feature-length Harry Hooton. From that time they have worked solely in film as a medium combining kinetic art with formal cinematic concerns and experimental sound composition, and also film-performance. Expanded Cinema, a multi-screen film-performance developed at ANU, was presented at the Age Gallery (administered by the National Gallery of Victoria), Melbourne, February 8-27, 1971. A simplified version was revived in 2006 for the OtherFilm Festival, Brisbane, and in 2009 for the Melbourne International Film Festival (see below).
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june 2018 by gilles9999
Pretty good origins story:
"When I started I did not know I wanted to be a . I started - I made a .…
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may 2018 by carlinwing

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