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The Bargee (1964 - Duncan Wood)
2015-01-29: DVD: 2/10 - horrible film but earns a couple of points for some fantastic location shots along the Grand Union Canal (including Hanwell)
film  rated  film-rated  film:rating=2  film:year=1964  film:watched=2015  comedy  hanwell  canal 
january 2015 by grange85
First Men in the Moon (1964 - Nathan Juran)
2015-01-19: Film4: 4/10 (most of those marks for the Harryhausen treats)
film  film-rated  film:watched=2015  film:rating=4  film:year=1964  sci-fi 
january 2015 by grange85
The Masque of the Red Death (1964 - Roger Corman)
2016-06-08: Horror: 5/10

2012-09-21: TV: 5/10 - silly but enjoyable nonsense with a fab cast
film  rated  film-rated  horror  1964  5  film:rating=5  film:watched=2012  film:watched=2016  film:year=1964 
september 2012 by grange85
Fail-Safe (1964 - Sidney Lumet)
9/10 - Stunning and scarily believable - despite the disclaimer at the end telling me otherwise! (2009-10)
coldwar  film  nuclear  rated  sidneylumet  war  film:rating=9  film:year=1964  film:watched=2009 
october 2009 by grange85

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